Glimpse of the soul

Life is full of interruptions. We need to keep moving. We park ourselves somewhere and then we move again. Now if you park in a wrong place, you need to move sooner, and if you park in the right place, you have freedom to move when you want to. Similarly, you have to park your mind in a safe place. If you have parked your mind in your own garage, nobody can tell you when you should move it. But if you park your mind in somebody else’s garage, they will be after you.

Don’t place your life’s authority in somebody else’s hand. If you do, you will have no freedom. And when you lose freedom, the next thing you lose is love and compassion, because someone who is stifled cannot express their compassion or love. So, take care of the car called mind which drives you. You should drive the mind rather than the mind driving you. Wisdom empowers you to drive the mind. Otherwise the mind is driving; it is an automated car which goes on its own. 

You are sitting, observing that while you want to go left, the car is going right, and you feel helpless. Most of our life is like this. We don’t know what we are doing, we don’t know what we want, and we don’t know where we are going. So we need to take a look at, ‘From sitting behind, how I can jump into the driving seat. How can I make that leap?’, and that is what spirituality is. The essence of the Bhagvad Gita, is “your soul is imperishable; repose in the self”.

Lord Buddha said, “Life has sorrow and sadness, but there is a way to come out of sadness.” Discontinuation of sadness and attainment of happiness both will happen through meditation. The body, the mind, and the intellect have changed, but there is something within us that has not changed. That is a glimpse of the soul.

How to fast during Navratri


We fast to cleanse our body as it is essential to give our entire digestive system a break. Here are some essential tips to follow:

1. Fast with the right understanding. Either we overeat or fast too much. Neither is good.

2. Fast for yourself and not to please God! Fasting is to detox your body and feel rejuvinated.

3. Fast because your body needs rest. All year through, you overwork your liver, pancreas and stomach. If there was a labour court for the body, these organs would have complained there!

4. While fasting, eat fruits or light food that is easy to digest. Don't eat anything or everything, just because the food has been tagged as "fast" food.

5. Have a lot of water. Purifying the body with water can bring a lot of balance in the system.

6. Fast as per your body type. Check with an ayurveda doctor to know your body type.

Follow the above and dive deep into the vastness of the consciousness to discover your inner beauty. Happy Navratri!