Enthusiasm should never die


How would you like to see yourself? Happy & bubbling with enthusiasm or dull & difficult to please?

People who keep a long face & expect others to cajole and appease them make others run away. Lovers often do this.

It’s okay for you to show your upset mood or tendency once in a while, but doing it over & over again is taxing for you and people you love.

If you want attention, all you get is tension!

On Guru Purnima 2021


Guru Purnima is celebrated with this idea in mind that you do a revision of your own wisdom, knowledge in your life - how much life is filled with wisdom and how much it is not, where we have integrated the wisdom in life, and how we have not. Do an assessment of how far you have progressed in life.

Now don't be scared, what appears to be a failure is not a failure at all but every failure is a step towards success and success is just nothing, it is just a concept. In the big picture you will see that life is much more than what you consider as success. You know you think something is success because you find yourself small, life is smaller than your achievement. So any time you feel that you have succeeded know that you have much bigger potential, you are much bigger than anything that you have done or you have achieved, because your being, your self, your life, yourself is much more powerful than anything else.

You just have to recollect these words and think several times, sometimes it may just go above the head. Oh, why is Gurudev saying success is nothing? When you realize your potential every success appears to be very small and if you are proud of your success that simply means you are not aware of your potential. The master is a part of you and you are a part of the Master, this is what you have to know, realize--like the air within the body is part of the air all around you, like our body is part of this earth, you are part of your mother, you are part of  your father.

Similarly wisdom, your consciousness, is a part of the big mind. Our small eye is part of the big eye that encompasses the whole existence and that is what the Guru principle is, a Master is. A Master is ekum (the only one), nityam (eternal), vimalam (pure), achalam (unshakeable), sarvadhi saakshi bhutam (a witness to all types of thoughts, all types of emotions, all types of intellects), i.e. it is much more than just thoughts, concepts, emotions, concepts like right or wrong, good or bad, it's much beyond all that is relative and even beyond that, that is pure consciousness.

That is what consciousness is. That is what I am and that is what you are and this is when you realize I am not just this little mind which has cravings, aversions, likes, dislikes and all sorts of things, I am much more than this. I am part of the universal consciousness - thou art that - that is the ultimate wisdom. You are that consciousness, you are that infinite potential and that is what a Guru is and that is what you are.

So on Guru Purnima day a student or disciple does not feel he is separate from the Guru, he is a part of the Guru and he makes life a celebration, only then can life become a celebration. In Sanskrit there is a proverb that says there is no joy in small things, joy is always there in something that is much bigger, greater and lovely and that is what you are. We need to remind ourselves of that again and again and again.

See, we don’t realize we are breathing most of the time right? We realize only when we are climbing a hill or too many steps and when we start panting then we know. Nowadays people have started realizing the importance of  deep breathing, how important it is to breathe more. In the same way we don’t realize, even though we are in it, it is just out of sight because we are so busy running all the time in the rat race for the accessories of life. So Guru Purnima is the time when you relax.

It is good to see thousands of people who are doing a silence program this week to take a few days, not weeks to go deep within and be in silence. It does so much good, it removes all the cobwebs in the mind and the witness consciousness wakes up from within.

Once such awakening happens then it is irreversible, you can not just be gloomy again. The gloomy mindset can be overcome by gratitude, by feeling grateful. In the world, in activity, when we are busy, when we are interacting with people it is quite natural to feel drained or when gloominess sticks to you which may be due to others doings and not your own we can snap out of it when we realize that this is all just part of the whole game, part of life. We should realize that life is much much larger, bigger than events whether pleasant or unpleasant and meditation is the key for it. Silence and meditation is necessary. At some point you will not have to make an effort to meditate at all. Even now there is no effort in meditation, even with eyes open while talking, walking and while doing your work you are meditating, you remain in a meditative state.

Today everything is happening from a different place - satsang is happening in a different place, I am talking to you from a different place and you are watching from a different place but still we are all in one place, that is here (the heart).