Follow the truth. Be with the truth. Be with the existence. It means live in the moment. Existence is truth. Often we mistake ‘being truthful’ to mean just speaking the truth. It’s not just speaking truth; but expressing truth your whole life. Keep the purity of your mind, speech, and body. Purity is not mixing up things. So when you become witness to the body, mind, intellect, memory and all your different faculties, and don’t get mixed up with them, that is purity. Observing the observer, being very pure; this is a deeper meaning of purity.

The greatest joy is in compassion or daya. Just stand in a corner and see the whole world. If you can just feel compassion for the whole world, a shift has already happened in your consciousness. Look at all the people who are indulging in all that you don’t like. Just for a moment, have compassion for them all, for the way they are. Then a shift happens; you become big; your Self expands.

Faith of astikya transcends logic and reasoning. You live in a very logical world. Every step in your life is measured. You reason for everything that you do and for all your experiences. You try to capture your experiences through logic, through reasoning. When the reasoning or logic breaks down, you tremble. Sooner or later you again find some logic, some reason, and feel comfortable with it. But reality is beyond logic; truth is beyond logic; you cannot capture truth by logic. If you could reason out all your life and all its experiences, then you have not lived life fully, you have not known life fully.