For wealth to come, the mind should be content. The more satisfied we are, the more we progress. In order to receive blessings, one should be deserving. How will that happen? By keeping your mind pure and clean. How to keep the mind clean? First of all have faith – God is my very own, and I belong to Him and He loves me. To look after my happiness and sorrow is His job and He will do it.

Second, we need to perform seva (service) in society. As human beings, we all have some needs and some responsibilities. If our responsibilities are more, and our needs less, then in life we remain peaceful and content. If our responsibilities are few but our needs are many then we remain unhappy.

Third, for short periods of time, do pranayama, and meditation and a new wave of contentment, joy and bliss arises in our lives. If you practice these three things, you will see that whatever work you desire will begin to get done effortlessly. Stay in the present. Whatever is the past, drop it all. Put aside all the matters of the past, and sit and meditate.