Aggression vs. Assertiveness


Often people are soft from lack of courage and forcefulness. They suffer a lot, and at some time or other they become volatile. Yet there are some people who possess a softness that comes from maturity, magnanimity, and the knowledge of the self. 

Similarly, there are 2 types of forcefulness in people, aggressive and assertive. Aggressive people are forceful out of weakness or out of fear. Assertive people are forceful out of care, love, and compassion.

So look into yourself and become aware of what type of softness and what type of forcefulness is in you. Aggression and assertiveness overshadow intuition. Often people who are sensitive tend to become aggressive, in order to avoid being hurt and in this process, they lose sight of their fine intuition. Fine intuition needs sensitivity, but sensitivity is often painful. 

In order to avoid pain they become aggressive and assertive, and in turn they lose their intuitive ability. Intuition is close to the truth. Often aggression and assertiveness thrive on the idea of truthfulness, aggressive people are convinced of the rightness of their position. To be truthful, you do not need to be aggressive or assertive.