Why is there pain on the Spiritual Path

You know it’s there for a purpose. See many people come to the path because they have some pain but not all. Some people come to the path out of curiosity. Some come seeking knowledge. 

Quite a bit of the population wants relief from pain so they come to the path. And then they are on the path and realise, 'Wow! Life is much more than I thought it was'. Do you see what I’m saying? It opens new doors.

Mediation and all these courses and satsangs and everything we do is reducing pain and suffering in the world. We are already doing that.

You want me to with a magic wand remove everybody’s pain then it is not fair. They have to do something in their life to clean up, yes. There is purpose.

Can agnostic or atheist become an Art of Living teacher?

Definitely, don’t worry as long as you acknowledge there is form and there is formless and the world is an interplay of form and formless.

When you meditate you don’t have to see God with a nose, with hair, with a beard sitting somewhere up in heaven, there is no such God. If you believe in Godliness then that is good enough.

If you think God is an energy that is good enough. You don’t have to see God as a person, telling you or talking to you or something. Like there is an electric field, biometric field there is also a field of love. If you acknowledge that then that is good enough. And the highest goal of a human life is to grow and feel connected with the entire cosmos.

That is why Lord Buddha never talked about God. Also Pantanjali, when he described Yoga, in only one place he mentioned God, other than that he only talked about the consciousness, the mind. You know the Jains, they only talk about the self. They didn’t say there is a God up there somewhere. So even those who talked about God they said God is love. Jesus said God is love and love is God.