Emotions and breath


It’s normal to get agitated. It’s normal to get upset. But we are not in control of how we feel. Neither at home, nor at school, are we taught how to manage our emotions.

Here, our breath has a lot to teach us. 

Our emotions are linked with the rhythm of our breath. 

If we know how our breathing patterns can impact our mind then we can be in charge of our emotions. It empowers us.

Improving mental health


4 ways to improve your mental health:

1. You’ve overcome problems before!
Remember that this is not the first time you’re facing a problem. You’ve faced problems before, & you’ve overcome them. Learn from your experience. You’ll get over this as well.

2. Hold on to the positive.
If we’re given 10 compliments & 1 insult, we tend to hold on to the 1 insult. We need to reorient ourselves & accept that when there are 10 positives that come our way, it is inevitable that there might be 1 negative as well.

3. Active Compassion.
There’s a great joy in giving. If you get involved in action-oriented expression of compassion, you’ll feel much better. Get involved in service projects in your community.

4. Live in the present moment.
Our mind keeps oscillating between the past & the future, and then we crib about the past or feel anxious about the future. Joy & happiness can be found in the present moment.