Accepting storms


Like the waves in the ocean, storms are inevitable in life. No storm lasts forever and no storm can affect the depth of the ocean. Accept all that comes with open arms. Even when the storms come, you are like the ocean, deep as ever.

Value of being centered


Being centered when everything around is calm and peaceful, has no meaning. That is dull and boring. When everything is falling apart, then being quiet and peaceful, has value. 

A bottle of water has more worth in a desert than when you are surrounded by water. When you are sitting by a spring, then a bottle of water is of no value to you. A handful of water from the spring is good enough to quench your thirst.

When there is chaos and confusion; when there are problems all around you, then calmness is needed the most; wisdom is most valuable then.

When people blame you, when they don’t understand you, that’s when you need the inner strength to smile through it. When things don’t go the way you want them to, that’s when you need the endurance, the strength and courage to remain unperturbed.