Dharma and Adharma

Shakti (Mother Divine) is present in both Dharma and Adharma. Otherwise, Ravana (the demon king of Lanka) would not have had the power to stand up against Lord Rama. He was strong and powerful, which is why he could gather might to stand against Lord Rama.

In the same way, if the demon Mahishasura did not have any power, he would not have been able to face Goddess Durga. Is it not so?

A war always takes place between opponents of equal power and skill. A 50-year old man would not wrestle or fight a five year old child.

When the Samudra Manthan (referring to the event of the churning of Kshirsagar, the great ocean by the demigods and the demons) took place, there were the Devas (demigods) on one side, and the Asuras (demons) on the other side. It is because they were both equal to each other in power that they could churn the ocean using the great serpent Vasuki. If the power of the Asuras had been greater than that of the Devas, then they would have simply pulled the Devas to their side. And if the Devas had been mightier, then the Asuras would have gotten pulled to their side. But that is not so. They are both equal in strength, which is why sometimes the Devas win, and sometimes it is the Asuras win.

Sometimes Dharma triumphs, and sometimes Adharma triumphs. It depends on who wins. When Dharma wins over Adharma, we say that it is Satya Yuga (the Golden Age; the epoch of time characterized by goodness and prevalence of morality). 

When Adharma triumphs, we say that it is Kaliyuga (the Dark Age; the epoch of time characterized by immorality and downfall of human values).

Who wins in the end of this conflict is decided by Kaal (time).

When the Sattva (wisdom and righteousness) is more, then surely Dharma wins over Adharma. When there is predominance of Rajoguna (activity and passion) and Tamoguna (negativity and inertia), then Adharma wins in the end.

A conflict implies a battle between two equals. Now, the Para-Shakti (referring to the Mother Divine as the primordial energy that creates and sustains all of creation) transcends this conflict and is much higher than it. What is Para-Shakti? It is One without duality or conflict. All are equal and the same before that divine power.

Developing Intuitive Abilities

You can develop your intuition through regular meditation.

When the mind is free of cravings, aversions and distortions, then it settles and becomes sharper. That is when intuition develops. But if your mind is constantly stuck in desires about something or another, then it does not happen. When your mind settles and becomes still, then these abilities develop in you.

Just today I remembered that towards the end of August 2011, I had said that Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal will not stay together (in the fight against corruption in India), and they will soon part ways.

In those days when the anti-corruption movement had just begun, no one had even imagined that they would ever part ways. But I felt that they would not stick together for too long.

The Guru (Anna Hazare) and the disciple (Arvind Kejriwal) soon parted ways. Whoever heard me did not believe even for one moment that it could be true. There seemed no possibility of it coming true at all. And just look at the state of affairs today.
One is heading North and the other is headed down South of India.

So, when we are still and quiet, whatever thoughts come in our mind become true and manifest. Everyone has experienced this at some time or another in their life. When you do not desire anything and repose within your Self, then this power simply dawns within you.

Now not desiring anything does not mean you should not wish for everyone’s well-being. No, this you can surely wish and pray for. You should wish and pray for the progress and well-being of everyone around you. This deep desire is equal to having no desire at all.