Why do souls take bodies?

One is you come to cleanse yourself. Another is you come to cleanse others. Two options; one is you’re a prisoner and you experience your sentence, whatever 6 months, 8 months, 2 years, 3 years or 20 years life imprisonment. Another is you are a jailer and take care of them and bring them out. These are the two options that I know of. And how you choose your parents depends on the energy field that you are.

When someone leaves the body the last thought matters. If the last thought is about chicken you will find yourself in the poultry farm. So there are many stories in India about what your last thought should be. It should be of something wonderful, of service, of love, of compassion or something bigger. Think about God; think about some generous act or good people. And also first thing in the morning, there is a word in India which is very commonly used, ‘Pratha smarana’.

Pratha smarana means one who is worth remembering first thing in the morning. You don’t remember your enemies in the morning, but remember the wise people. So you should aim at becoming pratha smarana. Everyone should become the one that could be remembered first thing in the morning so that everyone feels fresh and energetic the whole day. That’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it?!

That word is so beautifully called; people whom you can remember in the morning. And whomsoever you remember in the morning, the same person you’ll remember last in the night also. So whatever is your last thought in the night will be the first thought in the morning. I think this is in all traditions.

Just before going to bed, mums tell kids to pray, isn’t it? Pray before going to bed. It’s an ancient tradition all over the world I suppose. Just pray, think about nice things when you go to bed. And when you wake up first thing look at your hands and what do you say? ‘Oh let me do good things with my hands this morning’. You look at it, feel let my luck be good, let my lines be favorable and let me do good things. Let there be knowledge, let there be good work happening, let there be good wealth coming to my hands; this is the morning prayer.

The ancient Vedic prayer is. ‘God of the wealth is in the beginning of my palm, residing in my palm. God of wisdom is residing in my palm. God’s valor is residing in my own palm. So let the good things happen through me’. This is how we are supposed to wake up and look at our hands.

How can one stop playing the role of a victim?

You have already done it now. By not wanting to be a victim, you are already not a victim anymore. Got it? 

You know, when you go out to vote, you have already voted, so relax. You know, I’ve seen people ask, 'How? How? How? How?'. A student keeps asking and the teacher keep saying, 'Do! Do! Do! Do!', and both the student is tired and teacher is tired. 'How? What I should do? What I should do?'

And teacher says, 'Do this! This! This! This! This!' So you have to do this and this and this and this but oh my God! But then, ’How? How? How? How? How?’ (Laughing). 

Relax! Don’t ask me how. Then I’ll be in trouble. You are in the train and train is moving. You are in the plane and the flight has taken off. No point in running in the flight from this end to that end, you are not going to reach any faster. Got it? Did you get the clue? Relax!

Art of Living teachers - exponents of love or advertising executives?

In the TRM (Teacher’s Refresher Meet) let the teachers sit and brainstorm and see what they can do. This is good; you need to balance, yes. You need to speak the language of the society at the same time the essence should not be lost, isn’t it!
You know what is very difficult? It is to put Art of Living in one category; very difficult. You know why? Because it is such a heterogeneous group, it is not a homogenous group. Not everybody is alike, not everybody is same. It is so heterogeneous that you find the most educated and the completely uneducated. You find the worst case and the best case also; you find people who have just come out of prison too. You find people of all strata here. 
People completely cuckoo will also be part of Art of Living. And if you see four or five of them who are cuckoo you can’t say, ‘Oh! Art of Living is all cuckoo.’ And you can’t say, ‘Art of Living is full of executive like people.’ No! Here we have the cuckoos as well as executives. An executive is also here.
We welcome everyone. And you know I am caught here because the first thing I said, ‘Accept people as they are’. And we have all sorts of specimens. Sometimes people ask me, where did you get this bunch of nuts? It's assorted nuts, we have all of them and we are tied up with them, and that’s it. We can’t do anything about it. Because I’m tied up with my own first course point, ‘accept people’, you know.
I’ve never preached anything that I’ve not practiced. This is a fundamental thing. One thing for sure is never say anything that is not in your experience or which you’ve not practiced, simple.
So you can never ever put Art of Living in one category. You can’t say Art of Living is all good people. No there are crooks also. And I tolerate them so that they can become better. If I also send the crooks away, where will they go and become better? I don’t see a better place. If I see a better place it would be a great relief for me. But so far I have not found any. If you find somewhere, someplace, tell me. I can pick them all and then show them the way there. So there are crooks. 
In the name of Art of Living there are people who try to be selfish and do things. But fortunately their numbers are insignificant, minimal. There are a few here and there that there is no doubt. So there are all types of people. So we must acknowledge that this is most heterogeneous group or place. So anyone holding any such concept in their mind, tell them you are mistaken. Saying, ‘Oh all are bad, you are mistaken in that’. It’s in your head. All are bad? Impossible!
Same with the society. Whatever is society is what we are. In society, it’s not that everyone is bad or everyone is good. There are all types of people out there, right? 
There is a proverb you must remember it’s a very nice proverb. When we were in school we learned it, even before we were teens we learned these things. ‘Adore the wicked first, and then thank the good man, for the wicked are teaching you at their own cost and the wise are only teaching you.’
So the wise that is teaching you is not teaching at his own cost, but the wicked is going down, falling into a pit and warning you, you better not fall. So you should first thank the wicked and then the wise. This was a couplet we used to learn in school. It is so, so good. 
It brings that acceptance inside you. It shields you from getting paranoid and angry. Do you see what I’m saying? Either you are paranoid about someone who is bad or you are angry. And then you become worse than someone who you think is no good. But when you know that they are teaching you some lesson, warning you what you should not do. It is such a shield, such a relief for your spirit to glow in its splendor. What do you think? It keeps the mind so clean.

Committing suicide because of physical suffering

Someone commits suicide because the body is in a suffering state that is okay. Suppose somebody is in deep, deep coma or has incurable diseases or something where the body is a big, big botheration, then I would say it is okay. 

That is my personal opinion. But even then it is not the best because anyway you have to finish that karma. Why not just prolong it, whatever another 6 months suffering. There’s no need even there to commit suicide.

But those people who go like that they come for short period to experience that period you know. That is the aborted children or children who are born dead. Sometimes these people have those sort of karmas in which in a short period they come to the world and they go and then come back again. 

Mainly we must realize that suicide is the worst thing and we need to help people who have that mentality. That is one of the major reasons that we should conduct Art of Living programs as much as possible. Wherever we can conduct that we should do. At least now they have something to hold on to. Do you see what I’m saying? When it starts, the breathing (Guruji breathing) and couple of bhastrika, it’s all gone!

Is there anything in reality called negative energy or negative vibes from other people that can affect us?

Listen, in the absolute sense, no but in relative sense there is. You can feel those things but it is not a permanent thing. It is limited by time. 
Like smoke comes; smoke is not a permanent thing. Smoke you could find in somebody’s farm when they are burning the leaves then smoke comes. But it’s not going to be there forever, you are not going to live amidst smoke 24 hours. Smoke comes and it vanishes.
When fog comes, planes wait for that little time. Once the fog is clear the planes take off. You think planes are worried about the fog? No. It’s just matter of time.
Similarly some negative energy comes, you feel it, you feel upset, you feel something in the stomach, you feel something in the body but it’s only for a few minutes and it just goes away. See it goes even faster with a few pranayamas, bhastrika and mediation. All this will chase away those negative vibes. Why do you have to be worried about negative vibes? You should never be paranoid about negative vibes. Negative vibes are just like passing smoke or fog. 
You know of course in L.A. there is smog but people don’t leave L.A. The city is not deserted. Millions of people live there. It just comes for a while and then disappears. And negative vibes don’t even come as regularly as the smog in L.A. They just are there for a few minutes, at the most few hours and then they go. And you have the key to get rid of them. Excellent!
And one more thing is salt. Bathing in salt or putting salt in the bathtub can also take away any negativity. You know why people feel so happy in the ocean? Because there is salt in the water that cleanses the subtle and not just the gross. But when there is mantra chanting it’s even more powerful than the ozone or salt in water. 
That’s the strange thing in India. You will find the beaches are empty, nobody goes to the beach. Do you know this? Nobody goes. Even if you go to Bali, the Balinese people are not fond of the beach. They don’t go to. Only tourists go into beaches. Same in India, you will find local people do not go to beach. It’s not a favorite spot. Maybe in evening they may just take a walk. If you are in Chennai it gets very hot so you get little breeze. They are not fond of salt water, going into ocean. People seldom do because there is no inner craving, that it gives more than the inland. Are you getting what I’m saying?
You already get so much energy so your system doesn’t crave to go near the ocean or take a swim in the ocean to feel better because on the land mantra chanting has been happening for millennia, for ages. So it’s still vibrant. So prana is already high. It’s not especially high along the coast.

Cause of depression

Your hankering for pleasure is causing depression in you. Wake up and see all pleasures are momentary. How long will it stay? See they are so momentary, 5 to 10 minutes you find joy in them and it’s gone. 
Then what other things do you hanker about? Some people appreciating you? My dear, it has no meaning. People may appreciate you in front of you; behind you they may feel jealous about you. That’s what happens. They praise criticize you today, tomorrow they criticize you. So what? Do you see what I’m saying?
What are you hankering for? Appreciation from people? What is appreciation? Just a few thoughts that are passing through their mind and you think they are going to do it forever? They have limitations. So what? Good comments come; some people have bad comments, so what. They criticise you, so what? Those who criticise you are also going to die, so what? All finished! And you the one being criticised will also die one day. 
Why are we so much bothered about adulations, somebody’s appreciation, or criticism? Why can’t we just be our self? You know it takes such a big load off our head, not being bothered by anybody’s criticism, anybody’s adulations we are just ourselves, natural.
If you live so lightly where is the question of depression? Do you see what I’m saying? So those who get these thoughts of committing suicide, it is just your prana which is low, so do more pranayama and dedicate your life to a higher cause.
There are millions of people who are suffering more than you, look at them. One, when your suffering becomes smaller you will never think that you want to commit suicide, number one.
Second, you know that you are needed, you are useful. You have to do something in the world. Know that.
Third is, forget about what people think about you. People commit suicide because they think they lose their prestige, their status. What status? What is prestige? Who has time? Everybody is entangled in their own problems, their own mind. They can’t step out of their own mind. Where do they have time to think about you? 
You know, I remember a case of a very respectable lady in India. She was very proud of her family and her children. Her son went and married a girl from a lower class, lower strata of society. They are from a higher class and much wealthier and he married a girl from a very poor family and it was not a match; her shape and look was very different from his. It was very different. 
So the mother got so upset she said how can I go meet anybody. I cannot see anybody. And she went into such depression. I called her one day and told her, ‘Look, who has the time to think about you?’ The whole time she was like, ‘How can I show my face to others? How can I go to others weddings? They will all make fun of me.’ I said, ‘Who has time for you? It’s all in your head.’
She would not go to any other party, anybody’s wedding, nothing. She would sit in her own house; blame herself or her daughter-in-law or son for being very miserable. I told her, ‘No! You get up and go.’ You know it just needs that little push. Once she started going she found suddenly, she realized that ‘Yes, I was just caught in my own maya of my own mind.’ Everyone welcomed her properly, there was no need to put her head down and melt in such shame. These types of tendencies come because you think others are going to disrespect you. Many people do this.
Honour killing that happens in many places; it’s horrible. Honour killing is not because God is going to be angry with you. It is, ‘How to face the society, how to face people around you?’ This is what bothers many people and they commit suicide. I tell you it is worthless; what the society thinks of you is useless.
Recently it did happen, that one monk, a swami wanted to marry. I said, ‘yes, you can marry, no problem. I don’t mind what people think, don’t worry what people think. If you want to marry you marry.’
But I said, ‘You don’t remain a swami. You should write a one line letter that I don’t want to be swami because this life, monastic life is very difficult for me. So I would like to renounce this and not be a swami’, and everyone will accept. 
There is no problem. It’s okay. He couldn’t be a monk he married. So what? But he said, ‘No, no, I want to keep it secret. I want to be a Swami and also live somewhere else in Europe secretly, six months there and six months here.’
I said, ‘I won’t like that. I would not let anyone deceive anybody else. This is deception. On one hand you pose to be a swami and on the other hand you want to keep it a secret.’
I said, ‘I will not talk about that. Why you are worried what people think about it?’ Do you see what I’m saying? These are the things that arise because of a person's inner anxiety. So be natural and be open.
I don’t find it is difficult, I find it’s the easiest.

What happens if one commits suicide?

Suicide is the most foolish thing a person can ever do. It’s like someone is shivering in the cold and they went out and removed their jackets. What do you call them? Foolish!

You are already so cold. You are feeling cold in a heated auditorium, in a heated hall and you go out and say, ’I’m cold, I’m cold, I’m cold’, and remove all your jackets. Leather jackets, your t-shirts, and your inner garments, everything you are throwing out. Will the cold become any less? No!

People who commit suicide find themselves there because they are so attached to life. They are so attached to some pleasure, so attached to some fun and joy that they want to kill themselves. So when they kill themselves they find themselves in a bigger soup. 

‘Oh my God, this restlessness, these desires which has created such an intense agony inside has not gone. Body has gone but the agony has remained’. It’s only through the body that you can dispel the agony; you can get rid of misery. Instead you destroy the very instrument by which you can get rid of agony. That is why this knowledge is so important.

If people do pranayama, Sudarshan Kriya, meditation they will realize that, I’m not the body. So what? What is it that I’m hankering for in life? Hankering for love? Attention? Money? Pleasure? What is it that you are hankering for? These hankering are boiling desires and it’s creating this foolish idea inside you to commit suicide.

Dedicate your life for a social cause, for some higher cause. If you feel you have to commit suicide, I tell you I need you to do my work, so you better stay back. When you think only about yourself, me, me, me, me, what about me, then this is what happens. Depression comes in. Forget about yourself, you die for a cause but don’t kill yourself. It’s worth dedicating your life for something higher.

I need you. You come here do work there is so much work to be done; help me out. Know that you are useful to me. At least if everyone else says you are useless remember, no I am here born at this time because I have to be, I have some use and Guruji needs me, so I’m not going to commit suicide. Got it?

So, do my work, if you cannot do yoga, meditation, then sweat and do my work. And I have lots of work that I can give you. I can give some work for the entire nations and entire population. I have plenty of work to do. So whatever you need, a square meal I will provide you. You need a roof above you, I’ll provide you. I guarantee you, but don’t kill yourself. 

The human body is so precious you know! After so many different lives and different bodies we get human body, human birth. Being a frog, a scorpion, and being a chicken somewhere, being a mouse somewhere in some hole, and after being a cat jumping around here and there and a dog somewhere, and a bird somewhere, and worm somewhere, then you get a human life after going through all those births. It’s so precious.

Importance of the solar plexus

Solar plexus is the center of gravity of the human body. Your body can be balanced with a stick on your solar plexus. It will balance. 

And all the functions of the brain are done by the solar plexus, so it’s important. Your emotions get locked up there. 

And I heard from a doctor, a scientist, he said that the solar plexus is small, but in those who do yoga and who are yogis, who do a lot of meditation, it really becomes much bigger, almost 3 or 4 times the normal size. 

So then you have control over your parasympathetic nervous system and all those things. Also much more control over your body, your senses and your mind. That’s what a very well known doctor said, and it is also the experience of many people.

You need one desire in life to move on

Hang on to one desire you need in life. I hang on to the desire, let the whole world be smiling, I want everybody to be happy. More and more people rejoicing the spiritual path, becoming compassionate, non-violent, vegetarian, and caring for nature. These are so many such good desires which are there. Catch one of them and keep it.

You need one desire in life to move on. You don’t need to drop everything. But you need to drop everything at the time of meditation. When you come to action you hold onto one desire.

It’s like when you go out you put on your shoes but when you go to bed you don’t go to bed with your shoes on. Does anybody do that here? Or when you go for a shower you remove your shoes. Nobody takes a shower with their shoes on.

So when you meditate, when you are in the course, when you’re doing practices, at that time, drop the desires. But later on when you are working in the world, pick and hold on to one desire of welfare, or one world family, beautiful planet, the coming generation, any one, okay!

At work, not being aggressive is seen is not smart. How to deal with that?

Sometimes, sure you show some aggressiveness, you can act. See if you’re playing a part in a movie or in a theatre you can’t say I can’t do this, I can’t do that. If the act demands you to be a villain you have to act like a villain but not be a villain. Do you see the difference? You don’t have to think, okay everything will happen. No, not that way, instead you should think, ‘Okay let’s do it’. Go with the spirit of enthusiasm, with the spirit to do something. 
Never talk philosophy in the workplace if they don’t understand that. You know that everything is changing and everything will get done. But if someone says fix the electricity and you say, ‘Oh don’t worry things will happen in their own time, anyway I am not the doer. Just have trust. God is taking care of everything,’, then that is no good.
There is no water in the tank, ‘Water will come’. The bulb is fused, ‘Oh the fuse is gone, it will come, so what!’ Don’t talk like that.
The secret of non doer-ship should be kept within you but don’t talk to others about it. When you’re in action, put your 100% and act but don’t speak like that especially with people who don’t understand. Even with satsangis, you will irritate them. Even with people on the spiritual path, if you speak like that they get irritated, isn’t it?
Just imagine, you need ten volunteers in the kitchen, ‘Oh you know someone will do it, anyway you are not the doer so why bother’. Just imagine someone with that attitude, what would you feel? ‘Come on get to work.’ Right?
So, even within the path this attitude will irritate people. Now just imagine those who know nothing about non doer-ship, those who know nothing about meditation, those who know nothing about hollow and empty, what will happen to them? They will think okay he is a little cuckoo, right!
So be very normal and do your work. Also keep smiling and dancing.
One gentleman went to a funeral program or ceremony of his close relative. He said, ‘Guruji’, and he started dancing singing, ‘Radhe Govind’. ‘Guruji said everything is impermanent, so people die and they go and it’s all normal. We should just celebrate!’ And he started dancing. Because he is a man of little height, people could not say anything to him or shut him down. But they got thoroughly irritated they said, ‘Guruji, what is this guy doing? He’s quoting you. He said keep smiling all the time’.
I said keep smiling, I didn’t mean you go and give a big smile when somebody’s funeral ceremony is happening. Others are crying and he’s smiling, ‘Oh good, good, good, everything happens for good, everything happens for purpose.’
Don’t you think this is too much? How many of you think this is too much? There is something called discrimination, wisdom, you should use that. Yes it’s obvious, somebody very elderly passed away, that’s okay. But you should be sensible, sensitive to others’ feelings, others demands, others needs, yes.
In the same way, your office thinks you need to be aggressive you show them, be aggressive if you can. If it cannot happen at all, you give 100% then you just tell them it is just not in my nature.
If someone tells me to use foul language and scold somebody, I will tell them it is impossible for me, I can’t. All these 56 years I have not uttered a single foul word, never! I never made any effort, it just never came. It never has come even in the worst moment. The worst thing I have said is, ‘You stupid’, that’s all that has come out of me.
I can count on my fingers, six to seven times or eight times I might have said that word. Once one of my teachers was misusing the trust people had kept on him and he tried to exploit them financially and this and that and I said, ‘You stupid, you better don’t do this, you are not going to teach, you’re not representing me’.
So someone said you should use language and you should be strict with these people and I said I can’t. So similarly if they say you have to be too aggressive then you simply say I can’t, it’s not in my nature. That’s it!

Technique for cultivating self love

See, self is love. You think you don’t love yourself and then you try to love yourself and that is the biggest blunder.
Who says you don’t love yourself? It is just a concept when you think you don’t love yourself, and it seems to be very real. Just relax, drop this whole concept of self love and love for others. Love is not just an emotion, so just relax and be at ease yes.
Don’t judge your actions too much. When you go on analyzing and judging your actions too much, this is where you’ll end up. Either you’ll feel guilty or you feel upset and then you feel angry and all this paraphernalia comes along.
That’s why the concept of surrender is so useful. The concept of belonging to the Divine, belonging to a tradition or a master is so useful. The devotee can say, "If I have some lack, then it is for the Guru to make me right, that’s not my business."
It’s like you’re on a massage table and if there is some twist in your muscle somewhere, it is not your job, it is the job of the masseuse to straighten your knots. You don’t do anything about it. In this way, you’re on the table and trying to do something with yourself, you get so stuck.
So trying to repair the emotions, correct the emotions, this is all a useless phenomenon and it only makes it worse. Do you see what I’m saying?
There is a saying in Sanskrit; suppose you have a wound and you go on scratching the wound, it’s not going to get better. Every time you scratch it you make it worse. This is exactly what we’re doing, you try to get rid of this thing or that thing or feel better about yourself, love yourself or not love yourself. All this is useless. What you are doing here is the best, do yoga, meditate, become hallow and empty and everything else gets taken care of.
There is a story about Lord Buddha. One disciple came to Buddha and said, ‘my mind is all so much turmoil. I feel so guilty, I feel so bad, I feel so this and that’, and he just said a lot of things. And Buddha just told him to go and get some water from a pond.
So he went there and saw the pond was so muddy. He said, ‘Lord the water is so muddy, I can’t get it.’
So Buddha just smiled and so this man went on and on again. A little while later Buddha told him again to go get some water. He said, ‘But it was all muddy’. Buddha said, ‘No, go and get the water.’
So when Buddha insisted he had no other choice but to just go. When he went there, by that time the water had already settled and it was clear. He brought the glass of water and gave Buddha. Buddha looked at the disciple and smiled away and the disciple got the answer.
So when your mind is muddled, don’t try to do anything more. Just give it some time, leave it alone and it will settle, it will become clear.
Unfortunately we have so many books written, so many concepts on how to love yourself and make this mind and make the guilt go away and blah, blah, blah. I don’t think it will help in the long run, even if it has for a short time. I would say do Sudarshan Kriya, pranayama, and meditation. And keep doing it. Other than that, don’t try to love yourself.

How does a Guru deal with fanatical followers?

Listen, now focus on yourself. Why do you focus on what others do? There are so many people that do so many things in the world. It’s my headache and their headache, now why do you want to make that as your headache also?
I keep telling them don’t bow down and don’t bend down, but it is a cultural thing. In India they always do like that. When the person in the front bows down the people in the back don’t see it so they bow down. Then one above the other they keep falling.
Sometimes they grab my feet and then bang their head so hard on my feet. Sometimes I have to scream for them to stop. I have many marks that devotees have put on me.
I have tried educating people and it doesn’t work. You don’t have to copy them I tell you. And don’t be bothered by others I tell you. Otherwise you find that person is behaving this way and this person is pushing, this person is running, why shouldn’t all this be corrected? How much will you correct?
You know I see millions of people and everywhere is the same story. Do you see what I am saying? If you bring too much discipline where everybody is strict, people feel so suffocated. So I always preferred a middle path where it is not too much restriction and where it’s not free for all. It’s not the situation where it’s free for all; everybody jumps everywhere and does anything they want, no!
It’s the big problem and issue for me but we have to deal with it. Certain things are cultural things; certain things are peoples’ emotions. You know sometimes people see me, they come from a long distance and they want to shake hands with me, some want to come forward, you can’t blame them too. Some of them want a picture so they push everybody and they don’t see anyone, they just want to have picture.
I’m not just talking about here you should see what happens in India, or South America or Mongolia for example. I go to Mongolia, in the middle of the night at 2:30 in the morning, there is such a huge rush, everybody trying to get inside the airport. Security people were startled, what is this? But what do you do, I have not asked people to pull and push and just go forward. And if I say too much also it’s a matter of someone’s feelings, someone’s emotions, isn’t it?! Someone has come with a flower, a lady from a remote area in Mongolia and she just wants to give the flower into my hand. She must be in her eighties and I am so concerned someone will push her down.
Sometimes they light candles and then the people are walking around with all their garments and I say, ‘look out, light, light, light’. I was so concerned, they put the lights all along the stairways and people are just not aware. They’re in such joy, they’re in so much joy you know they lose track of their surroundings. They are sort of ecstatic and they don’t care about what’s happening to their garments, whether it’s catching on fire. So I am very careful, put off the lights and this and that. 
So peoples’ behavior is very different. I cannot control peoples’ desires and nor can you. So why do we get stuck with other people’s behavior all the time? Whether it is good behavior or bad behavior, there are people who blame you for nothing. What do you do? Nothing.
There are people who show negative emotions, I do nothing and they show positive emotions, and I do nothing because it is a way for them to express themselves so l let them be. As far as possible I will make some security arrangements. Here also people sat holding everybody back with a rope but it does not work for five minutes. In five minutes later only outside my kutir I already see there are lots of people. Now I don’t blame them.
I want to tell you one incident. I was going to Lucknow, the city in the north of India. So when I went there the chief of police came to me and said, ‘Guruji, there was chaos!’
There was chaos in the airport, a stampede but thankfully nobody got hurt or anything. But there was so much crowd. The police officer came and said, ‘Guruji I don’t know what effect you have. Till the time you came we had all agreed that we would all be in line in a row and we’ll be disciplined and you’ll be allowed to get into your car very smoothly. But the moment you come out, I was the first one to break the plan and everyone broke all the plans and had gone haywire.’
There was so much chaos I could hardly get into the car. My shawls were torn. Well but I was not upset, I am not at all upset. I’m not upset with these things because I know. I said, ‘I don’t blame anyone, it’s my responsibility.’
I know wherever I go the chaos begins. I don’t even have to go to a place, just the news that I am going to a city is good enough to create chaos. And many of you know this, who will host me there will be a fight on that, who will drive me there will be another fight on that, I have come to terms with it now. I just accept it; there is no point in getting upset for it.
And bliss comes out of chaos and wherever there is bliss some chaos does happen. This is a natural law; do you see what I’m saying?!
So you better focus on yourself and your knowledge. You don’t need to do what others are doing, you be yourself and you move on. If you can help others then help, otherwise finding faults in others, ‘Why are they doing like this’, and saying, ‘Why don’t you educate them?’
How much can you educate? Who to educate, how many can you educate, tell me? We gave the technique for everyone to practice and to be happy and that is good enough, you know. But there should be some freedom for people to express their emotions.