What does a seeker do when he sees no meaning in sadhana or seva?

When you feel at a stage there is no point in doing any seva, mind is not even interested in doing sadhana and a sense of dryness has come in life, that’s when you pray, Please take me out of this dryness.’ You know, pray to the divine, ‘Please, I want my life to be juicy, not so dry, depressing and boring. I surrender; I drop my whole being to you.’ This inner cry, an intense cry to the divine will make all the difference.

Everybody wants some juicy thing in their life. Just imagine when you have a beloved, how you act. There is so much enthusiasm; there is a feeling of belovedness. That love is what is missing when you feel so dry and completely uninterested; life is uninteresting. At this time have faith and with courage just move on. It is just a passing phase.

Usually you call it, ‘The dark night of the soul’. The soul goes through such a turbulent time sometimes. Not necessary that everybody needs to. At such times continue doing what you are doing.

Is there a secret relationship between enlightened masters and physics?

Listen; are you a student of physics? If you are that is great! If not, don’t be sorry! Students of arts can also get enlightened, no problem. Yes, Lord Krishna also says that first gain knowledge of the elements. Meaning we never considered physical sciences and spiritual knowledge separate. The one merges into the other.

What is the knowledge of the elements? How many elements are there? There are five elements; earth, water, air, fire, ether. Then mind, intellect, ego. All these are counted among the principal elements. As you gain deeper knowledge of these elements, you arrive at the knowledge of the soul. This is a very good thing.

It is only now that people have started talking about Quantum Physics. The fact that this entire universe is made up of a single element has been mentioned in India long ago by Adi Shankaracharya and also in the Vedas before him. If you read Yoga Vasistha, it would seem as though you were reading Physics. So, modern science is completely related to ancient knowledge.

How should one address the Guru?

Sadguru is one who takes us towards truth. Now you can have a guru for veena or violin. You can have a guru for football also. One who teaches you karate can also be called a guru. One who teaches music what will you call them? Guru.

In this manner you have many gurus. One who takes you into spiritual knowledge is known as ‘Sadguru.’ These words are not necessary, whether you say ‘Gurudev’, ‘Guru’, ‘Guruji’, ‘Sadguru’, whatever you say it is the feeling behind it that is important.
I go one step further to say, ‘let love be love, do not give it a name.’

Relationships have limits, but what is one’s relationship to one self? The relationship with the soul is absolute. If you feel so then let it remain so; isn’t that a good idea? Don’t accuse it of being a relationship. Let love be love, don’t give it a name.

However, it is said in our country, in our scriptures, that a mother’s love is ten times more than a father, and a Guru’s love is a hundred times more than a mother's. All these measurements are there, but I would say consider it beyond all this. If something was felt in the heart, a spark arose, let it remain as such, why name it?

Four stages in life

There are four ashrams in life. You have to act in all these ashrams. As young students, the first ashram, means first phase of life you gain education.

Second phase of life is a householder’s life wherein you take care of responsibilities. You do good action and you grow your family and you also help others.

The third phase in life is sharing whatever experiences you have gained, sharing with others. You know by engaging in social work. Stop thinking only about ‘me’, ‘my children’, but caring for all the people, talking, thinking about everybody. And then the last stage is ‘sanyas’ (retirement).

The fourth stage in life is where you are quite elderly. At that time you simply bless and you just enjoy the bliss; you remain content in life. ‘Sanyas’ means to be totally centered; ‘nyas’ means being centered and ‘sanyas’ means right-centeredness. Where you say, ’I want nothing for myself and I am here for everybody.’ 

So these are four stages in life.

Effect of karma on God

God is invisible and is untouched by any karma. Though he lives in every human being, in every embodied living being, in their heart, he is not afflicted by the karma. How?
Like the space; in the space clouds come, smoke comes and they go but the space itself cannot be touched. Space itself remains untouched, unblemished. Like that inside us the divinity remains pure forever, unblemished, untouched by whatever actions or inactions we do.

Does the karma of other people have an effect on me?

Yes it does. You are not in an island of karma. Others’ karma definitely affects you. You cannot say only in my room there is smoke. If there is smoke in your room it goes to the next room also. If there is smoke in the next room, that smoke comes to your room also.