How can one with a scientific temperament believe in Devatas?

Only with a scientific approach can you see that there are different wave lengths and vibrations on this planet.
Who are you? You are only a frequency analyzer. Your brain is a frequency analyzer. It is able to capture only certain frequencies, isn’t it? Your perception is limited to a definite bandwidth. It cannot go beyond that. Suppose you get the ability to perceive beyond your perceptual ability, you can see many things which you don’t see otherwise.
See, what is darkness for you is not darkness for a cat or an owl. An owl’s bandwidth is bigger than yours. An owl can see more than you. Devatas are not some people wearing crowns and sitting up there in heaven, they are a manifestation of consciousness -- just like the seven colours present in sunlight. In sunrays there is only one colour, but when you disperse the sunrays, you get seven different colours. Similarly, your consciousness has many abilities, many forms and many intricacies. These intricate mechanisms of consciousness are called different Devatas.
It is mind boggling when you go deep into spiritual science. You have to have a scientific temperament, only then you can go into it. Just belief system will not work. There was a scientist who came here from Colorado. He had a titanium radar with which he could measure the energy level. So during Navratri, he measured the energy levels at the time of when different chanting and different invocations were happening. He showed us with colourful pictures that when different chanting were being done, energy was dawning in the space. Very distinctive patterns were seen from one chanting to another. It was really fascinating. Kirlian photographers took some pictures. So when different Devatas were invoked, the whole colour in the hall changed. So in a scientific way, you can really explore and understand much more than by just believing.

Death and Spirituality

Death brings you in touch with the reality of life. Death creates a vacuum, a void. Void is the fertile ground for the spirit to manifest. All talents, invention, creativity springs forth from the void, and creation has a tendency to return to the void.

All the places of worship in all religions are connected with places of burial/cremation, as the awareness of death alone can bring dispassion and make you well grounded in knowledge. According to the Indian mythology, the abode of Shiva is in Mount Kailasa as well as in Smashana (the cremation ground).

Kailasa means "where there is only celebration", and Smashana is where there is only void. Thus the Divinity dwells in the void as well as in celebration. And in you there is void, in you there is celebration.

Message on Maha Shivaratri - 2016

Wherever there is truth there is Shiva. Wherever there is beauty there is Shiva. Wherever there is benevolence there is Shiva. And there is not a place where the Shiva principle is not there. It is the omnipresent, omnipotent, most benevolent divinity, that is what Shiva is all about, and we are soaking in that.
We forget that this power is there with us! Shivaratri is to remind us that we are Shiva. That is why we say, "Shivoham, Shivoham", which means 'I am Shiva, I am that principle, I am the truth, eternity, beauty, and benevolence'. So Shivaratri is an occasion to remember this.
In the daily hustle and the bustle, we forget that from which we have come, in which we are and into which we go — that eternal principle is forgotten. This is the most puzzling thing! It is so puzzling how we can forget that from which we have come, in which we live and into which we dissolve. How can we forget that? This is a big puzzle! Remembering that, true celebration happens in life, all the worries disappear; everything that is bothering you simply disappears, doesn't it? And you are all so lucky to be in silence and meditation on this day.
Shivaratri is when the manifest and unmanifest celebrate their union. The One which is so unmanifest, intangible and abstract manifests in the manifestation, in the concrete.

Shiva and Krishna Are One

Angels are a part of the Big Self. The infinity has diverse qualities, and specific qualities assume names. They are called Angels. Angels are nothing but a ray of your Big Self. They are there to serve you when you are centered. Like roots and stems and leaves come out of a seed when it is sprouted, all the Angels in your life manifest when you are centered. Angels rejoice in your company, but you have nothing to gain from them. They only come around those who have nothing to gain from them. Angels are like your extended arms. Like all the colours are present in the white sunlight, all the Angels are present in your higher self. Bliss is their breath, dispassion their abode. The consciousness which is bliss, innocence, omnipresent, and the bestower of dispassion is Shiva. Krishna is the outer manifestation of Shiva. And Shiva is the inner silence of Krishna.