Guru Is The Goal

Guru is nothing but wisdom and love. Guru is that principle which is wisdom and love, and that is awakened in each one who has stepped onto the path. You also call that person a Guru in whom there is no gap between life and wisdom and love. Often one recognizes wisdom but sees a gap between wisdom and one's own life. The purpose of becoming a disciple is to bridge that gap. Being with the Guru means spontaneous integration of life and wisdom.

Is guru satisfied (TRIPTH) or unsatisfied (ATRIPTH)?

A student's job is to satisfy the Master.
But how can you satisfy someone who is already satisfied?
If Guru is satisfied, then your growth is shunned.
If Guru is unsatisfied, he's away from the Self.
If Guru is satisfied, then what can inspire you to grow?
If he's unsatisfied, he cannot be a Guru.
If he's satisfied, he cannot be a Guru.
So what is the answer?

Praise & Blame

If you live in society, then it is only natural that sometimes you will be praised and sometimes blamed.
Suppose you are working in a company, you cannot expect your boss to behave in a way that is convenient to you. How can you expect perfection from your boss?
Suppose you have a taunting boss who has taunted you three to four times, and you label him as 'Hopeless', then you start behaving like that with him or with her. Your perception puts you in a reactive mode.
You need to correct your perception, and understand that there is imperfection in the world. And people have the right to be imperfect, and you have no business correcting them. They have not asked you to develop them or correct them. So you better know that this is how the world is; things are like that!

Now, what happens when you accept that things are like that and people are like that? When you accept, suddenly you find a witness consciousness dawning inside of you that makes you so centered and deep.