'Whatever good traits you desire will automatically get kindled in you’

Bangalore ashram, Nov. 30:
Q: What is inspiration?
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Inspiration is that which comes from within.
Q: I have started schools across the world. Please bless me.
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Very good. Make Sanskrit compulsory in your schools.A few days ago it was in the newspaper that three schools in the UK have made Sanskrit compulsory as a subject. After so much research it has been found that studying Sanskrit brings brilliance and once learnt, it is very easy to learn any other language. Studying the Devnagri script is very good for the brain.
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Does anyone want to share his/her experience?
Experience1: Earlier I used to be afraid, I always wanted to do something for people but because of my fear I could not. The basic course has given me courage and confidence. I feel as if the world is conspiring to make me do that. Everybody is helping me. Thanks to the Art of Living for helping me.
Experience 2: I came here two days ago with a severe personal problem. I had a lot of anxiety. Suddenly since last night I feel calm and collected and feel the problem will be solved. Thank you Guruji.
Experience3: I did the Yes+ Course in August. Since then my whole life has changed. I was a drug addict and dropped the addiction. I am now smiling more and more everyday.
Experience 4: Guruji two years ago I used to wonder why people volunteer and do seva/service. It was a real wonder for me. But now when I am doing it, it is an even bigger wonder for me and I now know why people do that.
Q: How to overcome fear?
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Do seva/service.
Q: I like ‘Ramayana’ scripture a lot. I believe if one aspires to learn the Art of Living then Rama’s character is the best epitome, but even after reading and hearing so much about Sri Rama I am not able to inculcate these characteristics in me.
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: You read, listen to scriptures and you also have a wish that you are able to walk on his footprints. Why doesn’t this happen? This is the question that arises in you, right? Now that you are here, learning and living the Art of Living, all these traits will naturally start sprouting in you. Whatever good traits you desire will automatically get kindled in you.
Q: In an interview you mentioned that you are connected to Higher Consciousness? Guruji please tell us what actually is that Higher Consciousness?
H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: It is right here, right now. Inside us and outside us. it is everywhere. Don’t look for it somewhere in the sky, it is right here.
“That which you cannot express is Love.
That which you cannot reject/renounce is Beauty.
That which you cannot avoid is the Truth.”

~ H.H Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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