‘Rest your mind & intellect in the Divine energy’

Vitarka badhane, pratipaksha bhavanam

Our scriptures provide three main philosophies:
Nyaay (Logic)

After that we have Yoga.

Nyaay: What we learn, we understand and analyze how correct it is - Analyzing the difference between what we hear and what we infer. This way of finding out the truth is Nyaay.

In the Vaisheshika method, the object and its characteristics are analyzed. If sugar is not sweet, would you still call it sugar? Objects have characteristics. In this way, place and time are also considered as objects because of their characteristics. Time affects the mind and intellect. Our mind feels and perceives differently in the morning than it does in the evening.
The placement of planets also affects the mind. Sometimes faith arises in the mind, sometimes hatred envelopes the mind. It is natural for different waves of emotions to rise in the mind.
I am separate from all this, I am Atma. Contemplating on this is the sign of intelligence.

Once you have considered the changing objects, rest your mind in that which never changes. This is Sankhya Yoga. What is Bhakti? Resting your mind and intellect in Divine energy. This is all that you need to do. 

When your faith is shaky, cure it by taking blessings from elders. Do yoga. 

Friendliness, compassion and ignoring. To calm the mind, be friendly and compassionate, and finally ignore if needed. Ignore the imperfection and keep your mind calm. Hating somebody is like drinking poison. And more so, never hate wise people! Patanjali says, “Awaken the opposite emotion.” This is sadhana. If anger arises, awaken compassion, and a new chemical process will be initiated. ‘Vitarka badhane, pratipaksha bhavanam.’

This is why we remember the Guru - the chemical process changes immediately, and enthusiasm, joy and non-attachment arises naturally. 

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