Knowledge nugget from Diwali:

Sri Sri explained the significance of the Mahalaxmi Havan which respects the Panch Mahabhuta (five elements) i.e. aakash (ether), vayu (air), agni (fire), jal (water) and prithvi (earth). “We thank God for all that is bestowed on us. At times we grudge for not getting everything. But like a four or five-year old child pestering for a bike, we cannot get all that we desire. God knows the best for us.” 

Pointing to the beautiful statue of Goddess Mahalaxmi on the stage, Sri Sri explained the importance of the hand gesture of the Devi (Goddess): one hand showering blessings and another telling us to the patient. Sri Sri initiated the puja by asking the devotees to take sankalp (intention) and be in a state of samarpan (surrender).

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