If the eyes are steady in one place, it is impossible for the mind to wander

Bangalore, 19 November 2011

The mind keeps wandering from here to there. How to keep this mind steady at one place? There are three ways to do this.
First, keep something that you love in front of you. When there is something in front of you that you love very much the mind will not wander.
Second is to keep the attention on the breath.
And third is keeping your eyes steady. When your eyes wander here and there, your mind also wanders here and there. When your eyes are steady then the mind also becomes steady. If the eyes are steady in one place, it is impossible for the mind to wander.

This is why the most beautiful idols are made in temples so that the eyes are kept steady.
In those days the mind used to wander more towards jewellery, so they put jewelry on the idols, so the mind remains steady. All the things that the mind might wander towards were kept in one place.
The mind may wander towards beautiful flowers, so flowers were also kept.
They also kept two idols, of a God and a Goddess. Some will be interested in the Goddess and some will be interested in God, and so with the twin idol the mind becomes steady right there.

So to keep the eyes steady all these things used to be done in the early days.
Now the mind is so cunning, that it became used to this. So even if the idol is right in front, the mind kept wandering.
Then what they did was they kept the idol on top of a hill, so one has climb and climb up the hill till they are out of breath and physically exhausted. Then when they go and stand in front of the idol, the mind becomes steady naturally.
Once the mind is steady, then the purpose has been fulfilled. Then whatever one wishes from that state of mind the Lord fulfills all those desires.

Now, going one step further another very beautiful revelation; one who can keep his vision steady without any object and keep his mind steady without any support is a yogi, is a Guru.
This kind of meditation we do in our advanced courses, with a little bit of support initially. Then without support and the mind is at peace.

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