We need to wipe out ignorance

Indore, March 06, 2012

Whatever I wanted to say Shivraji has already said it all.
Once hearts are connected, there is nothing left to say. Still, I will tell everybody to stay ‘In door’.
There is only a slight difference in English between ‘In door’ – going inward and ‘Indore’.
Antarmukhi sada sukhi’ (the one who goes inward is always happy).
 When the mind goes inward even for a little while, we get such strength.

The respected Chief Minister, Shivraji, just talked about ‘save the girl child movement’. You might have heard me speak about this many times before also. I keep saying this.
Killing a cow is said to be the highest sin. In our scriptures it is said that killing 100 cows is equal to killing one scholar. Killing 100 scholars is equal to killing one saint. And Killing 1000 saints is equal to killing one girl child.
The sin of killing a girl child is equivalent to the killing of 100,000 cows or 1000 saints. Killing that girl child inside the womb itself is not right. We are all educated people, so today take a vow not to kill the girl child. Good!
Just before coming here, while I was giving a talk at the University, I got to know that in Indore, every single day a suicide happens.
I tell you, life is so precious, do not lose it.
Why do you want to lose it? Why do people commit suicide? Just because you got less marks, or your debts went high, or some girl or boy rejected you and your love failed? Leave all these!
You got so disinterested in life that you started committing suicide?
I am telling you come to me and give me all your pain. All your troubles, all your botherations, give them all to me.

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