Every individual can instill faith or destroy faith

Montreal, Canada
Today’s message is that everyone one of you is a leader.
You lead somebody somewhere. Either lead them on the right path or lead them astray. This is for sure that everyone is a leader. And if you have to lead everyone in the right path your life needs to be very pure, spotless. And that is what is here. Here we are spotlessly clean. Very clear, very pure. And even this is not something we have achieved, it is a gift.

Do you know, these 56 years, I have not said one bad word to anybody, ever. Worst I have said is, ‘Stupid’, that is all that has come out from my mouth. But I can’t take credit for it, because any other words just don’t come to me; unpleasant words don’t come.

So what I am saying is that when you realize that even this purity in life is not your making, it has come to you as a gift then humility remains in life. If there is humility then you are always moving forward. There are no pitfalls. When the humility is missing then a person falls.

So, everybody is a leader. In order to lead on the right path, in right knowledge, you need to be pure; inside out pure. And how do you become pure? When you are in association with purity you become pure. And purity comes with knowledge, wisdom, pranayama, and all that.
What does knowledge do to you? Knowledge simply purifies you. It is like a detergent.
‘Nahi Jnanena sadrusham pavitram iha vidyate’
There is nothing better than knowledge that can purify you.

Every individual is pure in the present moment. However your past has been it does not matter. Dump those thing and surrender. If at all there is the word surrender or offering then that is only about the past. However the past has been, you surrender that. In the present moment you are pure and you are innocent, believe in that. Believe in your purity, and that is it.

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