Life is worth nothing if there is no love

Haarlem, Holland
Now tell me, how do you want to spend this evening? What do you want to discuss this evening?

(Audience: Talk about healing; Let us do meditation; Tell us about Ayurveda; Speak on crisis.)

See how the word crisis is bringing laughter and smiles on your faces; this is something very unique, isn’t it?! Usually when people talk about crisis they are crying, but here it is different and this is what The Art of Living is – Turning every crisis to one’s advantage. Taking every crisis as a challenge, as an opportunity is what we need to promote in the world. Don’t you think so?
Do you know, in Chinese language, there is only one word for both opportunity and crisis! If you say crisis, it also means opportunity.
Then what else would you like to discuss?

(Audience: Freedom; Love; How to make decisions; Chaos; How to educate children internationally; Football)

Now tell me, what if I know nothing about any of these topics. I have no idea about football. In India football is not very popular, what is popular is Cricket. Even that I am not familiar with.
So I know nothing about any of these topics.

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