8 Types Of Wealth

One of the greatest illusions created in the world is wealth. There is so much disparity in the world. There is no logical reasoning or explanation as to why someone is born in Africa and suffers for a piece of bread, while there is surplus bread elsewhere which is often wasted. Why some dogs enjoy the comfort of a home while others are strays in the streets.

Wealth is something that is bestowed on you.

There are eight types of wealth:

1. Wealth as material comfort: The first type of wealth is what we commonly understand as the material wealth. Just being born in Ford’s home, somebody acquired so much wealth without any effort.
Some inherit wealth, while some have to toil all his life to make money.

2. Wealth as health: Just having money is not sufficient. Some people have a lot of money but they cannot eat well because of some disease. In this such a situation material wealth is nothing.
Some people do not have money, but they have enough to eat and they are healthy. Like many farmers in India: they don’t have any money but they have plenty of food with them. Anyone who goes to them is fed; they can feed the whole town. They can sleep well.

3. Wealth as success: Some may be born into a very wealthy family but they face failure in whatever they do. They are never successful in whatever they undertake. So success is another form of wealth.

4. Wealth as courage: One must see life as an adventurous game and should play the game without worrying about the outcome, whether you win or lose. But if one is afraid of making mistakes or doing anything, one lacks the wealth of courage. If one lacks the wealth of courage, there is no fun in life even if the person has a lot of money.
Someone may not have any money, but if they possess courage, they reflect wealth.

5. Wealth as friendliness: The fifth type of wealth is friendliness; having a caring attitude, having a sense of belonging. One may have the other types of wealth, but will still feel as though in a tight compartment without a sense of belonging. That is what happens at most parties.
Many rich people go to a party just to show off how rich they are, but they feel so out of place. You find sugar-coated misery there. Everybody is so stiff. It’s like a war field actually.
Parties are like a competition ground or battlefield; everyone is carrying a shield. That is no wealth at all.

6. Wealth as skill: Another wealth is having different skills and talents. Some people write well, some are good in arguing, some are good in debating, some have a knack for music, some have a wonderful voice, some cook well, some are talented in bringing up a child, some are good in administration, and so on. There are people who put their maximum efforts to achieve what they want yet they fail to achieve their goal. So effort alone is not enough to achieve one’s goal, you need the wealth of skill.

7. Wealth as dignity: The world is full of lessons if only we observe it with full awareness. Be as humble as the grass, then nothing can touch you, nothing. No one can humiliate you. In the eyes of the divine, it is those who serve the creation that are the true kings and queens. Walk like a king and be a perfect servant!

8. Wealth as memory of the source: We only know that we were born; we don’t even know how we were born. Somewhere from three or four years of our age, we start understanding things around us. Our memory is very short; it appears this is our only life. We are not aware of our source. The moment we become aware of our source, and our infinite past, our whole life changes. It’s just like someone suddenly realizes how wealthy he or she is. Immediately your style of walking changes. This is the awareness of the source.