Inner peace and strength

When there is inner peace then strength comes, and you are not scared of anything. When your intentions are right and your heart is in the right place, then you know (from within) that you can go and do what you want to do. This is the real selfless service.
In the last few days, there are thousands of children and women trapped in Iraq and there is no food and there are no medicines. Our volunteers and teachers are constantly thinking how they can get relief material over there. They are also in negotiation with the army - to give them some passage through which they can get the supplies to these people. This shows how committed our volunteers and teachers are. They understand the pain of the people and that is why they have gone to serve in such a dangerous atmosphere.
They have collected around 80 tonnes of food and are waiting for the permit to go into Fallujah. This is bravery and service, and they are doing this service without any sense of doership. You know, service for us is natural, we are not making an effort to do it, or even thinking, 'Oh, I am doing a big service!' No. We do it because we can't but do it, that's all!