Changes required to become Free

Pick up any Seva project and work sincerely for it, you will find that inertia disappears. Do more Pranayama and meditation. If you feel it is difficult to do it alone, then ask two to four people to join you and do pranayama together.
Usually we may find it a bit boring when we are doing Yogasanas and Pranayama all by ourselves, but when few others also join us then it becomes more enjoyable and interesting. Then it does not feel like boredom or a compulsion.
Our ancient sages have said, “Ekas tapasvi dwir-adhyayi”. Whenever you need to practice something, then always see that two to three people join together to practice it. Then it becomes good. For example, during exams, people often find it difficult to study alone. Isn’t it? What do studious children usually do during examinations? They form study groups of three to four people and study collectively. But then they also chat a lot during the studies as well! They lose track of time when they get into chatting and conversation, and then suddenly remember that the exam is near. So they leave the chatting and get back to their books. I know all this. Many students here must be thinking “Oh, how does Gurudev know all this?” Isn’t that what you all are thinking? This is what is going on in your mind, isn’t it? I am monitoring everything.
So we must do all these practices with a group. Then you will see there won’t be any inertia.
See, three things can help you get rid of inertia:
1. Fear
2. Greed. If someone tempts you by saying, “I will give you One Lakh rupees if you do this practice for 40 days”, you will do it so sincerely, taking care that you do not miss out on even one out of the 40 days promised. In fact you end up doing it for 42 days! Two more days just to be sure you have not missed the practice target.
3. Love. When you fall deeply in love with some work or something, when your interest becomes so focused and total towards something, then you do that so whole-heartedly and sincerely. All our Yuvacharyas (youth leaders) are doing such excellent work in Maharashtra. During drought and troubled times in many villages in Maharashtra, so many youth leaders joined hands and went from village to village to work and support the people. They began many river rejuvenation projects and also cleaned up many rivers there. They have done so much wonderful work in such a short span of time.
Our volunteers have managed to revive 25 rivers all by their own initiative and dedication. They took very little help and support from the Foundation, the rest of the infrastructure and resources were wholly contributed by them. So when you find passion for something in life, then also the inertia simply vanishes. 
You know, life needs passion and dispassion – both. And in between life also needs compassion. You must extend compassion to yourself and also towards others. Sometimes in the name of discipline we trouble others and also ourselves. This is not right. Sometimes we get so engrossed in what we are passionate about that it disturbs others around us, and we also get troubled by it. This is why compassion is equally necessary.