Three Types of Maya

There are three types of Maya.
First, Maha Maya, which is total ignorance. People who have no knowledge of spirituality. Just put yourself in their place for a moment. People who are not on the spiritual path what do they do? They wake up in the morning, brush their teeth, drink their tea, stuff themselves with burgers, run to work and do whatever they want to do there. Then they come back in the evening, eat a big meal and go to bed.
That's it, their whole life is like that. They are not sensitive and they are not sensible. They are like stones. You don't find humanness inside of them, and they don't feel themselves either. They also don't feel anything about anybody. This is Maha Maya; the deep darkness.
Second, Moha Maya which is attachment. I am centric, everything else is around me. Moha Maya is all mine, this is mine, that is mine, my word, my thought, my thing. Day and night you are only saying mine, mine, mine, mine and that gives you a lot of misery.
It doesn't let you see things as they are, this is Moha Maya. Attachment to very trivial things is Moha Maya.
Third is Yoga Maya. Yoga-maya comprises of these experiences, the subtle inner experiences of different siddhis coming to you, and different channeling. Some energy is coming and talking to you; suddenly Gabriel has come and joined; she is saying things; Angel is coming and all that. See that love all around? This is Yoga-maya.
On the path of yoga you get these siddhis, where some spirit comes and starts talking to you and then you get totally sucked into that. These experiences remain for a little while and then they go away and that leaves you in a deeper darkness. Many times, Yoga Maya is really tricky because there is some 60-70 percent truth in it, so you will start believing it. The reverse also happens, suddenly you feel ‘Oh, I've been cheated’.
I know about one lady, she was a very good meditator. She got into Yoga Maya. She would get different spirits coming and telling her ‘don't do this’ and ‘don't do that’. She would tell this to others, many times it would come true. Once that same spirit came and told her, "Your husband is a diabetic, don't give him medicine he will be fine”. Listening to her inner voice she didn't give medicine to her husband and he became blind. When your husband at home is blind, it is miserable it is for you too, and then she started questioning the spiritual path, blaming everything. That's when she came to me and I told her to stop listening to these spirits. So, this is what happens in Yoga Maya.
These are three types of Maya, and one has to cross over the three types.