Step out from your conversations for a moment

I want you to step aside for one moment and watch all the conversations you have had in your life.

There is a completely different world when you step outside and look at all the conversations you have said and all that you have heard, all the television talk shows you have seen and news you have heard and movies you have seen, and how many things you have heard from people and said to people. Can you step aside and look at that?

You have fought with people, praised people, fallen in love, fallen out of love. Is any of that here? If you think life is all about these conversations then you are surrounded in a delusion! This is Maya. Definitely not wisdom.

If it's wisdom, it leads you to an indescribable space and meditation which is unfathomable. But everything else binds you into some limited concepts about yourself and people. And that blinds you from infinity.

In all those conversations there was justice, injustice, dharma,  adharma. Just think about all the opinions you have seen on TV before the elections (referring to US elections). Your life assumes a bigger dimension when you get out of the limited world of opinions and ideas.

Your opinions have changed, likes and dislikes have changed and all those conversations are gone like the wind. We are harbouring them in the mind and we are limiting the mind. We are going around in a little whirlpool when the vast ocean is available to us!

Wisdom is stepping out of conversations, be centered and smiling!

Lord Buddha says this is all misery. You want to get out of it? The first step is emptiness. From emptiness move to the bliss that is Vedanta. So move on to that pedestal.

For a moment imagine you don't know language! All the problems solved! Just imagine you have forgotten language. Even your communication begins from another level where there is no confusion.

Have you seen how the birds they fly in a group, they don't crash into each other. there is no air traffic control there! They are out of the world of conversations and they are communicating on a different level.

When you say let's talk it out you are not talking out of it you are talking into it. "Let us talk, let us clarify..."; let us stop all this! Nothing ever got clarified, it only got more confused.