What makes Consciousness look outwards though the inner world is so beautiful?

Nature has made our senses go outward. The world outside is there for the senses. Beautiful sceneries are there for the eyes, fragrances are for the nose and similarly for taste and touch.

But there is also this mechanism, where the mind can withdraw from the five senses and go to its own source from where thoughts and emotions come. So the mind has this ability, and the intellect is a big aide for the mind to go to its own source. Without the help of intellect it is not possible. It is the intellect which discriminates, judges and says, ‘Yes I have seen this, enough is enough. Now let me go deep in.’ 
One of the very revered mantras, the Gayatri Mantra says, ‘Dhiyoh yona prachodayat’, which means let my intellect be inspired by the Divinity, let my intellect get soaked in the Divinity, let the inspiration, intuition flow in my intellect. This has been the main prayer in India for thousands of years. It is said, ‘Everything else is later, first let my intellect shine and let it bring forth the Divine, the transcendental Divine knowledge.’