The act of doing nothing is as important as the act of doing something

When you get too concerned, ‘oh I have to improve the world; that is not ok, this is not ok, that is not ok’, and then what is happening? Your mind gets too much caught up in that and you are losing your energy, your strength, your balance, everything. Then you are not going to make the world a better place. 
At that time you should remember, okay I will make seven million people good in the world now, but then what? After a hundred years there will be a different seven million people. You can’t correct them, you won’t be here. 
So when you are getting tired then you should know, well the Divine is taking care; I am not going to impact a change. Then you are able to be calm and strong.
So there are two attitudes, one is pravriti action, when you find this is not ok, this is not ok and that is not okay and then you act. And then nivriti action when you say everything is okay, everything takes its time, everything has its one role. Then it is nivriti, then you retire and when you retire, when you get into your being you get energy. Then you are able to meditate, you are able to tap into your source by doing nothing. So the act of doing nothing is as important as the act of doing something.
So these two attitudes you need to balance, everything okay and nothing is okay. Is it clear?
When you are in this world you have to do something, and you are given a job to improve this world that you have to do. But don’t think you are the person who is going to bring perfection and keep it forever, that is what I am saying. You cannot maintain perfection. You cannot keep this hall clear forever, but you have a duty to clean this now, correct?
So similarly we need to improve our world, definitely. It is our sacred job, but at the same time, suppose you are not there, somebody else will improve it. So don’t feel the burden on your head, ‘Oh! I have to improve it’, but at the same time be responsible, ‘Yes I need to improve it’. Do you get the balance? Is it clear now?
You are assigned a job to improve this world, definitely. At the same time, whoever has assigned, they know if you cannot do it, they will assign it to somebody else. That supreme power will know.
See, suppose you are a head of a team, you give the job to somebody and that somebody does half job and then they are so tired that they become sick, and then what do you do? You say, ‘No, you go rest. I will send someone else to do the job’. But as long as they did the job they had been very committed to it. 
In the same way you have been assigned a job, you have to do it. At the same time don’t feel that mental pressure because the boss is taking care of it, yes! As long as you know there is a boss and you are connected with the boss you feel you can tell that I can do this much and I cannot do this much. Not like the modern day bosses who don’t care for people working under them. 
What I am saying is the Divinity, the nature itself is your boss, the Divine is the boss and knows, okay, you can do this much, then do this much, otherwise rest. There is compassion, think of a compassionate boss who says, ‘Okay if it is difficult, never mind, don’t worry. Okay? Good!'