If I am complete (sampoorna), then why do I need my better half (ardhangini)?

Then how can you say you are complete? You will be complete with your wife.

If you look at the needs of life, no one is complete by himself or herself. You do not make the cloth of your clothes yourself; somebody makes the cloth for you, a tailor stitches it, and then you wear it. You do not grow your food yourself. In our life we are dependent on others for a lot of things. 

However, with regard to your inner life, you are free to be happy; happiness is your choice. Whether your better half stays with you or not, you can remain happy. Many people are not happy even after getting married and many are unhappy being single. 

What I am trying to say is, as you go deeper in meditation, you experience that completeness. This cannot be experienced by someone telling you so, or by listening to something. When you become aware of this completeness, and it is reflected on your face, then you can bring comfort and satisfaction to others also.

Then you won’t have to sing, ‘aadha hai chandrama, raat aadhi’ (lyrics of a popular hindi film song – the moon is half full, so is the night). Only one who is fulfilled within, can love completely.