Mahasatsang with Sri Sri at Vellore

December 11, 2010

Sri Sri:

Om Namah pranavarthaya.
Shuddha gnanaika moortaye
Nirmalaaya prashantaaya
Dakshinamurtaye Namah

Q: What is spirituality?  

Sri Sri: Spirituality just means knowing that it is one consciousness. One world family - this thought came from India.One side there is slum, the other side is scam. We have to remove slums. For that first we need to remove alcoholism. Nearly 60 percent of a poor man’s income goes in alcohol.

Q: How does Yoga help one in life?

Sri Sri: Yoga increases our qualifications - Yog brings 'yogyata (Talents)'. Whatever we think that starts to happen.People have started recognizing this secret all over the world. Even in china, where they don't believe in God, they have asked us to start spreading the knowledge of yoga.

Krishna says, “Do your duty. I will take care of your sins. You just surrender. If you surrender then it’s my responsibility to take care of your sins. Don't worry. That's what I also say. Just come and participate in meditation, yoga and Satsang, you will not have any worries in life. Just meditate and believe that you have left your sins here.

Human beings have responsibilities and needs. If needs are more and responsibilities are less, that is not a rich life. Meditation and yoga makes our body and mind active, our life rich. We have to have a quality life, a joyful life.

If our life is not joyous, there is no way we can take care of others. That's why we should use Yoga, Ayurveda and Siddha techniques.

I have a dream - everyone should have a proper house to live in.

The second is that caste conflicts should be erased. We should increase the love between human beings. We have forgotten these practices, and it is time to renew these.

Let us meditate now!

(22 minutes of meditation passes away in less than 2 minutes!)
We meditated for 22 minutes. Did you notice the time passing by?
You should learn this, become teachers and take this knowledge to every village.

If you have any worries, you have to leave it here; That’s the rule of Satsang, you cannot take your worries back. You can go only after you drop them here.

How many of you are ready to do some Seva?

There is a village in Maharashtra - Kathewadi where everyone gets together to do Satsang. There are no locks on the houses. It has become an ideal village! Now 188 other villages are inspired to become like that. Villages in Tamil Nadu should also walk towards this. I am sure you can do this. If possible, you visit this place.
Our work is happening in 36,200 villages.
We should adopt more villages in Tamil Nadu.
When you sleep, make one wish and then surrender that wish also.

How many of your wishes are being fulfilled since you started meditating?
If you can win your mind, you can win the whole world! For this, meditation is necessary. Purpose of human life is to know who you are! This is spirituality.

There can be no appreciation for good forces if there are no bad forces. It is presence of villain which makes Hero a Hero. So, life is just a game.

Q: If God is everywhere, why there is evil?
Sri Sri: If there is no evil, how can we recognize good?

Q: How do I listen to everybody?
Sri Sri: With patience! 

Q: Is Growth in technology blessing or curse?
Sri Sri: Technology is a blessing. How we use it can make it a curse. 

Q: What is difference between God, Guru and me?
Sri Sri: Let's talk of the common thread. The same Divine is in me and in the whole universe. There is no place which is not permeated by the divine. In Sanskrit,

Ishwaro gurur atmeti murti bheda vibhagine,
There is no difference between Guru, Divine and me. What is common in all three is what I am! 

Q: What is surrender?
Sri Sri: A child playing a game goes to its mother and plays or cries. That is surrender. The state of mind of the child is surrender. Another way to look at it is if there is something that we can't handle any more, we give up to the higher power. That is surrender.

Q: Why is there so much sorrow in the world?
Sri Sri: Even with so much sorrow we are not able to let go in this world. How we would be able to let go if it was only full of joy. So, surrender in sorrow, do service in joy.

Q: Please talk about karma.
Sri Sri: Some karma we have to experience, and some we can change. E.g. when we cook some sweet, if there is too much sweet, we add some rava, if it is less we can add sweetening agent. But once you have put the rava on the fire, you can't turn it back. In the same way, some karma can be changed, some can’t.

Q: We worry about future and cry about the past. How can we change the pattern?
Sri Sri: Take past as a lesson, and see what you can do in the future. That is why we should take past as destiny and future as free will, that is intelligence. 

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