Not just money, whatever supports life is wealth

Bangalore, 09 Dec 2010

A group of Teacher's Training Participants from Haryana perform a dance.

Q: Why does everyone want to meet you?
Sri Sri:
I don't know It happens like this. The soul communicates with each other.

Q: Today a big population has turned vegetarian. Thirty years ago you could hardly find vegetarianism outside India. Why is it so?
Sri Sri:
Today, it is different. Tell everybody to be friends with animals. Once you are friends, you don’t eat them. Like you don't use your pets as food. Once you cultivate a relationship, you do not eat it. Cultivate the habit of befriending all the species and this is the way of turning the world, vegetarian.

Q: What to do when desires arises in mind?
Sri Sri:
When desires arise just see whether it is beneficial for you or not. When desires come up and pass through the intellect, then it is good. If it is just an unqualified desire, it could cause problems.

Q. How to get over habits?
Sri Sri:
To get over habits, there are three options If someone gives you a temptation: Suppose you stop this bad habit for 10 days you will get 10 lakhs of rupees. Then you will do it. Something higher than your habit can create greed in you. Or if someone creates fear in you, eg. A doctor says if you drink, you will spoil your liver. Then you can get over your habit. The third way is through love.

Q. How to get over bad attitude of anybody?
Sri Sri:
People are bad because there is some stress Once they get onto the path of sadhana, they can come out of it.

Q. What is wealth?
Sri Sri:
What does wealth mean? Not just money, whatever supports life is wealth. In Scandinavia, people thirst for the sun. When I had gone there in winter, it was dark like it’s here now. When I asked someone, ‘When will the sun rise?’ They said, ‘In January. That is wealth for them.
Today there is a need for a spiritual wave in society. Spiritual wave just means where people feel connected to each other When belongingness increases, corruption decreases

Q. What is Samadhi?
Sri Sri: There are different types of Samadhi. 
1 Laya Samadhi - Just listening to music you dive deep
2 Sakshi Samadhi - Mindful awareness

If you do too much, that also is not good. That is why one should sit with a teacher and take guidance.

Sri Sri : When somebody leaves the body we realize the magnitude of life. A person, who was there, is no more. It brings a depth to life One starts wondering - what is life? Where did the person go? It gives a depth to life, there is no point in brooding. Yes, tears, come you don’t need to suppress them. But there is no need to brood over it.

In the Bhagavad Gita Lord Krishna talks about all the good qualities. And then He adds that they are already in you. Negative qualities have come because of company etc. You don't need to get positive qualities. Just like in an atom, the core is positive and the negativity is peripheral If you feel that deep inside you is sorrow or anger then you can never get rid of it. Don’t ever think deep inside you is sorrow or anger. Modern psychology sometimes says this sorrow is deep inside you. It’s wrong. They know nothing about consciousness. Negativity is not skin deep. Know that it’s not in the core.
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