Every time you are confused you grow one step higher

Germany, 2 January 2012

Q: Are our emotions linked with age?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Yes. They are linked with hormones in the body and they are also linked with time, age and so many other factors.

Q: Guruji, when are you going to come to my city?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Oh, don’t ask me when I will come. I have everything in abundance, except time. I want to go to many places but time is very short. I have not gone to many places in a long time. I have not visited Africa in a long time. I have not been to England in the last five years. I have to go to Gaza; never been to Portugal, never been to Ukraine. I have invitations from so many places. From South America, they are asking me every day. What to do?!

Q: Guruji, where do souls come from?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Where do all these planets come from? Where do these flowers come from? Where do animals come from? Where do you come from? It is amazing how in the universe there are so many types of people, so many flowers, so many fruits, so many animals, so many mosquitoes, so many viruses; my goodness! It is such an amazing world, right?!

Q: How can I have more confidence?You are in the right place. Keep doing these things, asanas, pranayama, meditation will bring up the confidence.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: You are in the right place. Keep doing these things; asanas, pranayama, meditation will bring up the confidence.

Q: Dear Guruji, God created this world but who created God?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: I will answer this question but first you should tell me, where is the beginning point of a tennis ball?
We have linear thinking, which means everything has to begin somewhere and end somewhere. Something begins and something ends. So the creation happened and one day everything is going to end. This is linear thinking.
But in the East, there is no linear thinking, it is spherical thinking.
They say three things are uncreated and they will never die or never end. What are they?
One is the Divine Energy which you may call God. It is not created and it is never going to end, like space. Can you tell me which is the beginning point of the space and where does it end? No!
Similarly, matter or this whole universe. The universe is ‘Anadi’, means without a beginning and ‘Ananta’, means without an end. So also the souls, the life has no beginning and no end. It appears to end but it is going to begin again. It is like the waves in the ocean. One wave comes and it appears to end, but it is coming back again. The same water goes and comes back again. So, souls have no beginning and no end, the Divine or God has no beginning or no end and the universe has no beginning or no end. In fact all three are one.
So if you want to see God you should stop seeing the world.

You know in what sense? Like a quantum scientist. If a quantum scientist had to see this flower, he would say there is no difference between the leaf, the flower and the stem because everything is made up of atoms. There is no difference, it is all one. Any one point anywhere on the flower will work. Similarly, a quantum physicist says, to find out your DNA just a drop of your saliva is good enough, or just one pinch of skin. It is all the same, this is what a scientist would say.
This is quantum science.
But on other hand, the petals are not stem and the stem is not the leaf, they are all different. So if you want to see God, just see the whole Universe as energy and that is it.

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