Longing itself is God

Bangalore, 11 January 2012

Satsang means to stay with the truth. That is known as Sadhana also.

What is satsang? In our life what is the truth at this present time - this needs to be observed. What is the truth? Truth is ‘I am’.
The body exists and the breath is moving. Observe your body and breath. Observe the mind. What is the truth? Many thoughts are coming in to the mind and going away. Coming and going, rising and then quieting down, this is the tendency of the mind. In the intellect, some argument or reasoning is going on.
What were the decisions in life? What was the outcome of it? What was learnt and what was inferred? Pondering on these things is satsang.
Just doing bhajans is not satsang. Doing bhajans is also satsang, but not that alone. Sit and ponder, 'In my life, what truths have I discovered? What are my weaknesses and what are my strengths?'

Observe how the weaknesses are reducing and the strength is increasing. This is sadhana and this is the satsang you have to be in.
Your vivek (discrimination) is awakening; it was less previously, now it is one percent more! So there is progress in life. Whether slowly or quickly, it is happening.
When your focus is on the world, you will not see God. And when God is visible, the world becomes invisible. You can only see one of the two.
Instead of beholding the world 24 hours, if one can contemplate God even for 24 minutes, it brings so much solace and comfort. Whatever you do in life, for at least twenty four minutes in twenty four hours, if you sit quietly and think, 'This world is nothing; I want nothing from it. I have no expectations of this world' - just this thought draws the mind inward.
The mind will not withdraw inward as long as we desire position, prestige and wealth or appreciation from someone. For as long as one desires something, there is feverishness.
Even for a little while if we say, 'I want nothing from this world', then at that time vivek (discrimination) awakens and the mind becomes happy and peaceful.
This is indicative of the vision of God: ‘Prasanta-Manasam Hy Enam Yoginam Sukham Uttamam Upaiti Santa-Rajasam Brahma-Bhutam Akalmasam.'
Bramha consciousness, where there is no impurity, ignorance, confusion - such awareness, for a little while arises in our experience.
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