Dealing with Failure and Unhappiness

Teenagers can never fail their parents because there is a lot of time to fail them! If after the age of 40 or 50, you feel you have failed, then it is fine. Actually, you can still do something at that time also. Never get disappointed or think that you have failed in life. Even those who think that after the age of 50 or 60, your life is a failure, I tell you, it is not! Even if you have fallen ten times, it is not a failure! Do you know why? It is because you have taught so many people by your failure!

You can only learn and teach in life, whether good or bad! If you walk on the right path, you will show the path and move. If you walk on the wrong path, even then you are useful. Why? You have taught people - "Don't do what I have done. I have fallen in the ditch, you don't fall".
If you at least look at your life on this basis, you have cautioned someone and your life is not a waste. That is why you should never think about committing suicide. Don't you ever think about it! Die; get wiped out, but after living your life! Not by putting a noose around your neck! Kill your mind, not your life!

How unhappy can you be? Cry as much as you want, go under the ground, but come back alive! Think that you are already dead, then you will experience good yog nidra. Rest well! It is your hopes, desires and ambitions that are killing you, your cravings that are killing you. Kill your desires and cravings and not yourself.

Why do you get jealous? Because you think what you were supposed to get, someone else got. Think that they are also going to die. See everyone as dead, other than you! Only you are there! Think as if you have come into a new world in which you are alone, this is called Kaivalya. Kaivalya means I am alone, there is no one else. Everyone else is just bubbles, like waves in the water.
Think like this for all those towards whom you have anger and jealousy; know that they have all turned to ashes.

Many people remove other's clothes in their mind, and get disturbed. No, you remove the skin also, don't stop at the clothes, go beyond the clothes, remove the skin and you will see only muscles and bones. This is what everything is made up of! Then see how your mind becomes so peaceful.

This is what Shri Krishna says to Arjuna in the Gita, "I have killed all of them, they are already dead. What are you feeling sad about? This whole world is only dead bodies". When you see things in this manner, then knowledge arises within you. This is what you have to see. Whenever you are sad, stand up and see that everyone is dead, no one is alive. Then notice you will be at such peace!

Can you recall how you were before a craving arose in you? How you were when you were a child? After dying, what will you be? All this filth? Will you take all this filth within your mind and die? Then in your next birth also, you will be like that. Beware! Now, before this birth ends, make your mind peaceful, happy and content. You can be content only when you realise there is nothing else of value.

Wake up! It is time. Tell yourself this. Call yourself by your name; wake up, wake up quickly! It is way past the time! You have spent a lot a lot of time in the muck, now go and bathe in clean waters, in pure knowledge, and then sit like a lion or lioness. Know that no one can make us unhappy, if our mind doesn't want to be unhappy. If we don't want to be unhappy, no one can upset us! The cause for our peaceful state and restless state is our own mind.