Scientific study of spirituality

Spirituality is anyways scientific. What does science mean? Systematic, logical understanding which leads to something beyond the arena of the known. Here, science is exploring the unknown through the known. Spirituality is exactly the same. That's why spirituality is where all religions connect and merge at one point.
There was only one Buddha but today, there are 32 sects of Buddhism. There was only one Jesus but today, there are 72 sects of Christianity. There was only one Prophet Mohammad and there are so many sects of Islam. And with Hinduism, you can't even count. So many sects are there.
The world is diverse. We must honour diversity. The people who say, "My religion is the best religion; it is better than yours", are not scientific in their thinking. Something is basically wrong with them. This is the reason half the world is in the grip of terrorism because people think my religion is better than yours, and those people want everyone else to follow that religion. This is a problem. And what is the solution? Solution is to celebrate diversity, to see the common thread of all the religions. That is spirituality. That is meditation. It is not in conflict with anyone's religion, but it unites people across, and that is the simple thing that the Art of Living has been working toward for all these decades.