God is the Strongest Currency

God is the strongest currency. If you have God with you, you have everything else.
Some people think money is God, money is everything for them. We are made up of both - matter and spirit. While our body requires amino acid, carbohydrates, proteins and all that; our consciousness, our mind is made up of happiness, love, caring, awareness, intelligence etc. You cannot ask, do you want this or that, you need both, right? When you watch TV, do you see or hear first? It has to be simultaneous. Similarly, you need some wealth to live in this world, to maintain yourself in the world, but money is not everything. If you have ideals, goals, you will see that money comes by itself -- that is pursuing God. Suppose you want to do some big service activity, when you move in that direction, you will find that you get help from every corner. Help will come from the most unexpected corners.