Your world is only in your head

This world originates in your mind. If you are unhappy or have had an unpleasant life, it is due to the world in your mind. Only you have created it, and only you can drop it.

When you direct your attention to your energy centres, the world that you have created disappears, the world gets annihilated. The solution is in your own body!

There are different types of energy centers in your body. Bring your attention to these centers, observe them and the world of worries and thoughts will disappear! There will be Peace!

The whole world is a Shakti Chakra, an energy center. This body is energy. Every atom in the body is energy. All elements are energy. The energy cycle keeps going on. After the body dies, everything
is recycled, including the breath, mind, and the soul!

We apply sacred ash as a symbol of Shiva, indicating that this skin or body will return to ash.

Let us not search for permanence in impermanent objects.
You have created this world and only you can come out of it!