Qualities of a Jnani (Gyani) - II

There was a 27 km long artificial tunnel constructed in Geneva. One scientist discovered the God particle (referring to the discovery of the Higgs-Boson particle) through his experiments in that tunnel. In the next month, I received an invitation to visit Geneva and meet the scientist.
What does ‘God Particle’ mean? It means that most fundamental and indivisible particle from which everything is made up of. That from which everything in creation is made of and which is the essence of everything – that is what is meant by the God Particle. So those scientists told me, ‘We have found God by discovering this particle, because everything is made up of this alone’.
So both a Jnani and a Vijnani (scientist) are close to God. They both contemplate upon God. Do not think that only a person who sits in a temple all day, and sings devotional songs and rings the temple bells is truly worshipping God. No, it is not soAnyone who deeply believes in the mystery of the Creation, who is aware of its greatness and its diversity, and who surrenders to the power of the Creation – is truly engaged in Upasana (deep contemplation of God).
You will find that there as many different ways of worship, as there are people. All of them are the best, and you should respect and honor them all.
See, God is only one. If you wish, you can see Him as one, or you can choose to worship Him in different forms and different ways too. You can see Him in the plants, trees, animals, children, men and women. You can even see God in a donkey, or in a dog, or in the smallest of insects. You should honor and respect them all (for they are all diverse manifestations of one Divinity).
God is present everywhere and in everything. So you should honor and respect everybody.
There is saying, ‘Akeet Brahma paryate’, which means that the Brahman (the one supreme consciousness) is manifest everywhere, right from the smallest insect to the vast creation. So you should have total faith in it and respect it.
You too are made up of the same consciousness. Every particle of your body is made up of the Brahman. There is nothing in creation that is beyond it. So there are three things you should always remember:
1. God is everywhere and so He is also present in me
2. Since He belongs to everybody, He also belongs to me, and
3. God is all-capable and can fulfill any lack that I may have
It is not that God existed sometime earlier in the past and now does not. No, not at all. You should remember that God is present everywhere and at all times. He is present right now, this every moment.
Just remind yourself of this and relax. This is called Faith.
Now what will you have to do for this? Will you have to sit and meditate for hours together? No, you have to do nothing for this. Just have total faith in this fact, this very moment! That’s it.
How much time does it take for you to become a lover? Do you have to practice a lot for it? Do you have to study it in some college, or get a certifying degree for that? Do you have to study (the scriptures) for many hours, or will you have to do very strenuous exercise for that?
What is it that you have to do to become a lover? You do not need to do anything. Just believe in God totally. That’s it. Just believe, ‘I am a true lover’.
What is the mantra for love? 'Everyone belongs to me, there is no one who is a stranger, who is not known to you'.
It is to know and firmly believe that there is no one other than God everywhere (seeing God everywhere means to be truly and deeply in love with God).
Now when will you follow this? Will you do this after 10-20 years? Will you do it after you grow old? I tell you, do it now! This very moment! Just take it for granted that ‘I am a lover (of God)'.
Being totally in love (with God), you see that there is no one who is a stranger. Everyone belongs to you. People from every country of the world, whether it be Pakistan, Nepal, India, Iran, Iraq, USA; they all belong to you’.
When we consider that everyone belongs to us, then other people too will not find it difficult to accept us as their own. They too will consider us as one of their own. Usually there is a seed of this thought present inside us somewhere that ‘So-and-so person is not my own. This person is separate, he does not belong to me', or 'That person is my enemy’.
Then the same feelings arise in them as well. So from our heart, we should not think of anyone as our enemy, or have such feelings towards them.
If you really want to have enemies, then you should consider corruption as your enemy. You should regard violence and anger as your enemies. All these deserve to be removed from the world. Anger, violence, corruption, oppression and immoral practices need to be removed from the world, and we must all stand against them.
So it is these negative forces that we have to oppose in the world, rather than opposing or fighting against a person or a group of people. We should remember that everyone belongs to us and there should be no delay in accepting this truth totally. If all the people of the world listen to this, then all the fighting would come to an end.
Now you should not insist or force everyone to agree to this and believe it. It is possible that some people may not accept this fact at all. It is okay. See, that is their nature and they will behave that way. We must do what we have to do.