Realisation of One-consciousness during Navratri

There are angels, 64 archangels, called yoginis and their existence helps people meditate, or do yoga. Yoginis are very important to bring experience to people. And so it’s part of Navartri that we invoke those names of the Yoginis.
See ‘yagna’ means what? Five elements, with this what do you do? That which is so subtle, through chanting you bring it to the air element, then fire element, then to the water element and then to the earth element. So, how has the creation happened? From space, first there was gas, from gas came fire, from fire it cooled down and became water and then earth. So in the yagna the same process is used.
Have you seen the water crystal formation? How many of you have seen this? You know a gentleman in Japan photographed water when it forms crystals. So when you keep chanting the different songs to water, and the type of formations it does is so interesting. The most perfect crystal formed was when ‘Om Namah Shivya’ was chanted. 
They also photographed the water with Sanskrit chants of ‘Om Namah Shivya’, and I tell you it’s amazing. You should watch it; it’s the most perfect one. The crystal has totally formed very well from center to the circumference.
Same way when you say to the water, ‘thank you, thank you very much, thank you very much’, it’s a very good formation. When you tell the water some bad words the crystal formation is so different. So this is very true that when you chant and put the focus on the water in a pot, that is absorbed and the molecules changes. This is interesting and ancient people from ten thousand years ago, twenty thousand years ago knew these things.
You know they have different herbs to attract different things and different energies. See, the universe is made up of bio-energy, bio-rhythms. Each animal brings down a certain rhythm on planet Earth. Human beings bring a particular type of energy on the planet Earth. So the whole thing is play of consciousness and the layers and layers and layers of consciousness and that’s what this is. 
Navratri is the time you realize the whole universe is made up of one consciousness. It’s like, suppose you have ten television sets in your room and you are watching all different channels and you find some horror channel and you throw stones at the television, it’s not going to work. You simply have to switch the channel, correct!
If there is a sad story and a pleasant story in different channels an engineer would not even look at it. He would only look at it all as television tubes and its one electricity which is playing through all the televisions, and it is bringing up hundreds different channels, thousand different channels today, right! Our mind, our consciousness is the same.