We have not one but several bodies

The physical body is in the waking state. In the sleeping state physical body is at rest, the subtle body is active, in the dreaming state and that is why you get dreams. In deep sleep both of these go to sleep but the causal body is still there awake, aware. The causal body becomes cleansed in deep meditation. And, in enlightenment the causal body is completely free, yes.

So when one dies what happens, physical body separates, the subtle body remains with all its impressions. The subtle body and causal body they both go like a balloon and remain and look for a right opportunity, a right womb to get into. So when the soul finds that the couple is having union and depends on the energy level and harmony between the couple and the energy level of the soul, at that moment it comes into that, so that type of parents. 

Sometimes the soul brings two people together. A soul chooses I want this lady and this man as my father and mother. So they bring those two people together and they will have terrible attraction, unbearable attraction. So the moment the child is born, you’ll find suddenly the attraction between those two people is gone totally, completely gone. This happens, and after the first child many people divorce. When this happens, that intense feeling of separation comes and then you should know that the soul made this thing happen. 

It is so amazing; all these things are so interesting. On one hand it is amazing; on another if you are not so much in the present moment you’ll go crazy, seeing how many subtle worlds we live in simultaneously. Simultaneously how many things are happening in the universe, it’s very interesting.

So you come into the physical body to cleanse the subtle body. There is no way you can cleanse the subtle body hanging in space. So you come to human body so that you get rid of all those impressions. Once you have gotten rid of the subtle impressions in the subtle body, then the causal body with the divine grace also becomes free, that is called Nirvana

No more craving or aversions, nothing, totally hollow and empty. Wanting nothing and totally satisfied. Anytime you feel that I am total, I am complete, death can come this moment I welcome it. If you say that, if you feel that rather than saying it, then that completion is Nirvana. That has touched the causal body; the causal body gets relieved not by your effort but by just the Divine will and Divine grace. The universe decides whether the causal body should be there or should be removed, should be dissolved. It’s amazing, you can work on the physical, and you can work on the subtle, that’s all you can do. The rest you can only wait, but this itself is a great job, this itself is good enough.