Happy Valentine's Day...every day

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!
Before I had said, 'Let divine be your valentine', today I am saying, 'Let nature be your valentine'.
Let us preserve nature, water, the environment, the plants, the air and the energy. This is our responsibility. So let nature be your valentine. This is the message of Valentine's day this year.
It is very difficult to express one’s feelings; feelings are inexpressible. At the same time you cannot hide them. On one level it can never be hidden and on another level you can never fully express your feelings.
Mankind has been making efforts from time immemorial to express the inexpressible. All our gestures and actions are only to express our feelings, yet it remains unexpressed and that is the beauty of it, that is how love continues, and this is when love becomes eternal.
If love is totally expressed, it is finished, nothing remains of it. But it doesn’t happen that way, when you express there is still something which remains unexpressed and you feel it is not enough. It is only when you break up you say, ‘Enough is enough!’ When the pond of love dries up you say, ‘Enough is enough, no more'. But in love, you cannot feel it is enough, it never reaches completion.
Anyone in love will say, ‘I cannot fully express my feelings’. There is an effort to express oneself and Valentine’s Day is one such occasion when people try to express their love.
You don’t need to ask people, ‘Would you be my valentine?’ You should take it for granted that they are your valentine and they love you. You should never doubt anyone’s love for you, take it for granted that everyone loves you, that’s it! 
Sometimes some people don’t express love. Some may express every now and then, some others may express in another life time! Sometimes, someone who is rude and rough and does not behave nicely, they do have love for us, but they have reserved it for the future years or for future lifetimes. When you look at it from this perspective, then from your side you will feel secure, complete, accepted, and you will feel that oneness with this whole universe.
So, this Valentine’s Day you can say, nature is my valentine and I love nature. You become a flower yourself. You don’t have to buy a rose and offer it, imagine yourself to be a blossoming rose.
There are many flowers which are so fragrant, but do not have the texture or the beauty of a rose. There are some other flowers which look so beautiful but are not as fragrant as a rose. A rose has both beauty and fragrance and that’s why it is called the queen of flowers. You yourself are the queen of flowers, you yourself have beauty and fragrance.
This is what is expected of any beloved. They should not just look beautiful, they should exuberate fragrance. Some may have that fragrance, but if their actions are not what you perceive as an expression of what true love should be, then communicate that to them. Communication is very important.
Valentine’s Day is one such day when you communicate your love.
In the world, people go to two extremes. Like in India, people never express their love, especially in the rural areas. They have a lot of love but it is all hidden and buried. It gets expressed in action, but they don’t verbalize at all.
Most of your parents would have never told each other, ‘I love you'. Parents would have never told their children, ‘Oh, I love you my dear'. They would have never said it in their whole life. It is not that they don’t have love, they have a lot of love, but they don’t verbalize it.
In the occident, there is a lot of expression. ‘I love you’, is said so many times even if there is no feeling in it. We verbalize quite a lot in the West and here (in the East) we don’t express it at all. I would say, we should be somewhere in the middle, not too expressive, or not without expression at all. The best of the East and West is sharpness of the mind and softness of the heart.