Scientific age of spirituality

Fortunately we are in the scientific age today. Quantum physics speaks the same language. It says the whole world is just a wave function, not even particle. In this principle saying that there are three or four particles is also false. The whole universe is just wave function, just vibrations.

One of the greatest scientists of the world today, Prof. Hans Peter Duerr came to our Ashram in Banglaore. Some of the things he said and explained were startling. He said the world cannot exist if it doesn’t have three components. He bought a piece of equipment that looked like a fan, with three pendulums (chaos pendulum).

Three balls stuck to a rod, and it can keep moving for eternity. It goes on forever. If it is two, it will not go on forever. So three things are needed for the world to run for eternity. I was so surprised. This is what Lord Krishna said in the Gita. For the world to exist, sattva, rajas, tamas all the three should exist. If any one guna goes away, the world disappears. Prof. Duerr was saying in the scientific language that three components have to be there. Another beautiful thing he said was, “Guruji, I studied matter for 35 years, only to end up knowing that there is no matter. I studied that something doesn’t exist.” He said, “I was involved in making of the first bomb in America. I was a student that time, I have studied matter for 35 years. Many people think I am talking Buddhism.” So, even logic has shaken hands with spirituality lore todays. We are in such a fortune era. Either through science or spirituality, you can get liberation. Everything is vibration, everybody is vibration.