The Primal Instinct

Fear is an impression of the past reflecting about the future of the present. When people deny fear, they become egocentric, when they recognize and accept fear, they go beyond...get free from it.
Total lack of fear is possible only in utter chaos or utmost orderliness. A saint or a fool have no fear. But everywhere in between there is fear. Fear is essential to preserve orderliness in the world. It is a primal instinct.
Fear of death preserves life.
Fear of wrong keeps the right.
Fear of sickness brings hygiene.
Fear of misery keeps you righteous.
A child has a pinch of fear so it is careful and alert while walking. A pinch of fear is necessary to keep things moving smoothly.
Because fear is love standing upside down, everything that can be interpreted with Love can also be interpreted with fear. For example, a child clinging onto its mother. This can be interpreted in both ways - out of Love or out of Fear.
This primal instinct can be totally transformed through Awareness of Divine Love.
Do not try to eliminate fear. Just meditate and know that you are nobody or that you belong to someone special...