Don’t speak sweet lies and unpleasant truth

Bangalore, 23 December 2011

Remember these three aspects - naturalness, simplicity and belongingness.
I have travelled to so many countries and met thousands of people but I have never felt that anyone is a stranger and does not belong to me.
When we do not feel that someone is a stranger then they too will not look at us as a stanger.
When will someone feel the belongingness? When we feel belongingness with them. Everyone is our own and no one is a stranger - this is the first mantra.

Second, whatever is inside is also outside. Just open up your heart and be natural.

Next is living a simple life. Living with the confidence that we will anyway get whatever is needed, that is simplicity. Right or wrong, I am what I am.
If we live like this, naturally, then there will not be any fear. Then there will be no doubts or blocks in life. This is the important mantra of Art of Living.

Now this does not mean that because you are natural and simple, you go to your office and tell your boss, 'you are stupid'. Don't do that! Use your brains a little.
‘Guruji says be sincere and natural’; so you go to a funeral, and say, 'I don't feel anything. Why are you crying, let us celebrate!'

I heard one gentleman went home after completing his Advanced Course, lifted his wife in his arms and happily went around the house. The wife asked, 'what happened today? Has Guruji said love your wife?’ Then this gentleman said, ‘no, no, Guruji said, carry your burden and botheration joyfully.'

Q: Dear Guruji, what is your message for the New Year? What should all the sadhaks focus on for the coming year?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: A better world!
Our service should be focused on a better world and a better society.
And in personal life, have a strong conviction and faith that all is well and good is going to happen.
According to the Vedic calendar, you much have heard that this is the last year of the Mayan calendar and Doomsday is going to come. There are many movies about the World coming to an end. I am telling you nothing is going to happen and the world will continue.
According to Vedic Calendar, from March 2012, this year is called ‘Nanda’.
‘Nanda’ means happiness; the year of happiness.
First comes happiness and the year that follows is called Victory.
You will be happy and victorious, so do not worry.
Resolve to do some good work in society and spread knowledge. You will see by end of next year more and more people will turn to spirituality.
All those engaged in terrorism will be cornered and people who are in violence, their strength will be reduced. It will happen and you are a part of that happening.

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