What is truth? A path on which there is joy that is void of sorrow

Bangalore, 1 December 2011

Satsang means giving attention to ’What is the Truth about Life’.
What is the truth about life?

The truth is that the five senses are going outwards. The attraction towards the outside world is more and the attraction towards the inside world is less. This is the first and foremost truth of life.

Why do we want to be relieved of this outward attraction is because the more you get in to this outward attraction, you do not get much from it, but you have tremendous difficulty in leaving it. This is the first truth of life.

So what happens when you give in to this attraction? You get sorrow from it. Your desire is for joy and you go after that, but what you end up with is sorrow.

Have you experienced this? All our senses are towards the outside world; the desire to see something, hear something, smell something, touch or to taste something.

Now if you go towards these desires do you get contented? For a little while you do get contented but soon you will get restless.

This is the second truth - you get some momentary satisfaction but that fades away and you are left with restlessness. Each time you go after fulfilling some desire, you get restlessness which keeps building up and over time, you develop disinterest, a sort of apathy.

A lot of good food is kept in front of you but you don’t feel like eating that food.

At home there are so many CDs of good music but you are not interested to listen.
You are married and your partner is at home but you are not interested in sex.
There are beautiful clothes kept in your cupboard but you are not interested to wear them.

Disinterest and apathy are born out of the buildup of restlessness which comes when you go after fulfilling one mundane desire after another.

This is a vicious cycle of life.

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