Yoga is that perfect balance between heart and head

Germany, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody.

2012 is just a weak ahead. It is a very good year, like every year.
Don’t worry about doomsday; it is not going to come. People will wake up to truth and reality and all the false people will go to the background.
People who have done wrong things will slide backwards and those in the right direction will move forward.
From March onwards a big change will come.

If you see the world through your heart, it is very different.
See the world through your heart and then you will find that there is so much beauty, so much love, so much innocence and such good intentions in people.
If we see the same world through the head then we find a lot of cunningness, a lot of mistrust and doubts. All These come when you see the world through the head.
When you see through the heart, it is a little world.

But both are needed. You can’t be naïve and see the world only through the glasses of the heart. Sometimes you need to see through the head, a perfect balance of the two.
There are some who are stuck in their head and some who are always in an emotional mess. Both are incomplete. Yoga is that perfect balance between heart and head.

We must all think how we can bring more spirituality to the Europe. We will do everything possible to bring spirituality to Europe.
130 members of Parliament learnt the Art of Living course in Mexico. A lot of work is happening everywhere.

Q: What to do when people do the course and then do not come for the follow-up?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: They come back sometime or the other.
See when you have eaten a full mean you don’t think about food again because you feel so satisfied. But when you get hungry again then you come and look for food.
The basic course itself is so complete and so enriching, it doesn’t leave one hanging in the middle but it gives total fulfillment. So when people do the course then they are happy. This is one reason.

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