Pooja means creating an atmosphere of Divinity and reposing in it

Bangalore, 17 December 2011

Q: Guruji, the waves in the sea goes up and then goes down. But you have said mind goes deep within and then dissolves. So, how do we take the mind deeper?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: Stop trying.
When you think, I want to do this and I want to do that then you cannot let go of doing something. That is when the mind stays in the surface. When you have the ability to just let go, the mind sinks to the depth.

Q: Guruji, last two days in the TRM I have heard so much knowledge from you. How do I retain this so that when the right time comes, I can apply it?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: I tell you do not doubt yourself.
This is self-doubt, ‘I heard, but will this become practical, will this happen in life or not’, this doubt you should not have.
Like you learned in nursery school, 2 + 2 = 4, once you learn it, then it stays with you. When you have to count, you say, ‘2 + 2 = 4’, it has already come to application. You don’t need to try to apply it in life. Application is spontaneous.
So when you know, ‘accept people as they are’ or ‘present moment is inevitable’, whenever you are disturbed, automatically this knowledge comes up.
‘Oh, present moment is inevitable. Anyway, what can we do? It’s past. It’s gone.’
This knowledge comes to you automatically, as if you are programmed.
Listening to knowledge means getting programmed. Once you are programmed, it comes whenever and wherever it is needed spontaneously.
Now, ‘I need to apply this knowledge in life’, this thinking is a big struggle. It is a big strain on your mind. You think it is not there.

‘I want to feed this information in the computer’. When you say, ‘I want to feed this information’, that means it is not there.
I tell you, the moment you listen to the knowledge once; it is already feeding in the computer, in the mind which is the super computer. You have already fed it. So, it comes to your help spontaneously, automatically. Don’t worry about applying the knowledge and leaving the knowledge.
As long as you spend a little time refreshing it, turning the pages of the knowledge books or everyday listening to ten minutes of knowledge, then the application is spontaneous.
But if you have not listened to knowledge for a long time, you are completely out of touch then you will forget. Only thing is, if you remember, application is spontaneous, automatic, and immediate. And if you have forgotten it then somebody has to remind you and for that you have to come to Satsang, come for TRM, or to the course and again refurbish the knowledge, refresh your memory.

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