One who acts from a deep source of intuition is a Yogi

Bangalore, 6 December 2011

Q: Guruji, what to do if I feels strong temptation for something. How to get over it the moment it arises?Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: It is like learning archery in the war field.
When temptation arises at that moment there is nothing you can do because whatever you think, you will be swayed by your emotions.
Emotions are much more powerful than your thought process. But still when you strongly feel this is no good, I should resist this, that itself will bring a break.
It is like driving a car that has breaks, anytime you want you can put the break. That will power one needs to develop. For that prelude is broadening your awareness. Then definitely the temptations become smaller and then disappear.

Q: Guruji, How can I make myself so strong that the misbehavior of other people do not affect me?
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: First of all don’t think you are weak. Thinking you are weak is the problem.
Turn back and see in the past how weak you were and how much stronger you have become. Focus on what you have become today, much stronger than you were before.
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