Though truth is one there are many paths and all the paths are correct

Bangalore, 16 December 2011

Keep all other concepts on one side and just look into your own life; what have you learnt in your life? What are your experiences?

Look at all that you thought as truth that later turned to be not true.
What are the experiences which meant something at that time but after sometime meant nothing?
Observe how your judgements were all just bubbles on the surface of water; they had no facts, they had no stance. You had judgements and you thought that is how it is and later on you thought, ‘oh! It was just my judgement but not the way things really are.’
So your vision broadens, sharpens and heightens.
That which broadens your vision, sharpens your vision, heightens vision is ‘Swadhyay’.
Swa means oneself, studying one's own Self. Throwing light on your own ‘self’, examining your ‘self’, this is essential. By this introspection you blossom and that inner being is unlocked. Then one begins to understand everything - there is one light, which is within me.
Then you find the way and truth dawns and then you recognize that which is in all the Holy Scriptures.
Otherwise just by-hearting the Holy Scriptures and saying it like a parrot has no value. It has to become alive in our life and for that Swadhyay is essential.
Throw light on your own mind, on your own intellect, on your own life and the events of your own life, this is very important.
You will be amazed by just throwing light on events of your life what happens.
How you were, what concepts you had, how limited your thinking was and now how vast it has become. How your behaviours were and how your behaviours have changed. How your sense of belongingness was and how it has changed now.

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