We must always aim to attain the Divine

Bangalore, 21 December 2011

Two teachers have come here from Manipur. They have done a lot of work and have reformed 500 terrorists.
Bangalore has grown so much that it takes a few hours to travel from one end of the city to the other. Many people spend a lot of time traveling from far off places in the city to the ashram. I felt that it would help many people if we have satsangs at various parts of the city. There is a rule in our satsangs. You can bring your worries here, but you cannot take them back with you. Drop all your small personal worries. Instead, worry about the country.

There is a law in nature: If you take up a big responsibility, all your needs will be taken care of by themselves. If you constantly keep thinking about your own personal issues, you will go nowhere.

There is a verse in Sanskrit which says that there is no joy in anything that is small. Joy is always in something that is big. Life always flows in search of joy and the highest joy is in the Divine. We must always aim to attain the Divine. If you aim for the highest, your smaller desires will come to you anyway. If there is thirst you will get water. If there is no thirst one would not bother about water. Similarly, there should be a thirst within us to attain the Divine, to know the highest truth, to know what life is, to know who we are. When you come to the Guru, you need to give something. You don't have to bring me flowers, garlands and shawls. Give me all your worries. If you go back happily then that is my Guru Dakshina.

I don't just give sweets, fruits and flowers as prasad. I give you a pleasant state of mind as prasad. If people are stuck with their own worries, they cannot do anything for the society. There is a saying in Kannada: ‘Holding butter in your hand and lamenting that you do not have Ghee (Clarified butter)’. This is what we are doing in life. There is tremendous Sankalp Shakti (power of positive intentions) in our mind. However, we have not looked at this at all. We have never thought of spending a short while in meditation. We keep on crying all our lives. When I was about 10 years old, the Governor had invited my father for a ceremony at his house. My father told me to accompany him. However, I said, ‘if he invites me, I'll come’.
I wanted to avoid going there. My father went there alone.
After 4 years, the same Governor invited me. Someone had told him that there is a young boy who teaches meditation very well. My father was very surprised at this.

The reason why I am giving you this example is because I wanted to tell all the youths to have a big dream and see life from a broad perspective.
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